Cancel Transaction Lineitem

Lets you cancel a line-item of a transaction. For example, it can be used for e-commerce platforms where the brand allows a customer to cancel an item (of a transaction) before it is shipped/delivered.


To cancel a line-item, it is required to pass return item’s purchased transaction number and purchase_time. Purchase time: The date and time of the actual transaction. Billing time: The date and time of the return transaction.

Request URL


Request Body Parameters

Customer identifierenumPass any of the identifiers of customers for loyalty or non-loyalty returns. Value: mobile, email, external_id, id.
purchase_time*date-timeDate and time of the actual purchase of the return items.
number*stringThe actual transaction number of the returned item.
type*enumSpecify type as RETURN for regular transaction returns, NOT_INTERESTED_RETURN for not-interested transaction returns.
return_type*enumSpecify FULL to return the entire transaction, LINE_ITEM to return a particular line-item of the transaction, AMOUNT to return the transaction amount instead of replacement.


Parameters marked with * are mandatory.

Response Body Parameters

status successThe success status of the response.
status codeThe HTTP status code of the response.
status messageThe status message of the response.
transaction idThe ID of the transaction.
transaction numberThe number associated with the transaction.
transaction typeThe type of transaction.
transaction delivery_statusThe delivery status of the transaction.
transaction outlier_statusThe outlier status of the transaction.
customer user_idThe user ID of the customer.
customer mobileThe mobile number of the customer.
customer firstnameThe first name of the customer.
customer lastnameThe last name of the customer.
customer emailThe email address of the customer.
customer external_idThe external ID of the customer.
customer lifetime_pointsThe lifetime points accumulated by the customer.
customer loyalty_pointsThe loyalty points accumulated by the customer.
customer lifetime_purchasesThe lifetime purchases made by the customer.
customer typeThe type of customer.
customer sourceThe source of the customer's information.
transaction points_deductedThe points deducted from the transaction.
transaction points_balanceThe balance of points after the transaction.
item_status codeThe status code of the item involved in the transaction.
item_status successThe success status of the item transaction.
item_status messageThe status message for the item transaction.