Get coupon details

Retrieves the details of one or more coupons by coupon codes or IDs, or get coupons issued to specific customers.

Query parameter

issuedToIdsFetch coupons issued to specific customers. Pass customer IDs to fetch.
couponIdsFetch coupon details by coupon IDs.
couponCodesFetch coupon details by coupon codes.

Response parameter

codeThe unique code associated with the coupon.
seriesIdThe ID of the series the coupon belongs to.
descriptionA brief description of the coupon.
discountCodeCode indicating the type of discount.
validTillThe date and time until which the coupon is valid.
discountTypeThe type of discount.
discountValueThe value of the discount provided by the coupon.
discountUptoThe maximum value up to which discount can be applied.
discountOnWhat the discount is applied on.
detailedInfoDetailed information about the coupon.
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