Get all brand rewards based on owner

This API is used to retrieve list of rewards owned by brands based on filters.



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  • Authentication: Basic or OAuth authentication
  • Default access group

Resource information

PaginationYes Default - 100
Batch supportNo
Rate limit informationNone

API endpoint example{brandId}/list?page=0 &size=10 & ownerType=LOYALTY_PROGRAM & ownerId=abc4

Request path parameters

Parameter NameData TypeDescription
brandId*StringUnique identifier of the brand.

Request query parameters

Parameter NameData TypeDescription
PageIntegerAllows to retrieve details of a specific page.
SizeLongResults to show per page. Default - 100
ownerTypeEnumModule for which the reward was created. Supported values: Loyalty program, Milestones, Campaigns, Journeys, Goodwill.
ownerIdStringUnique identifier of the owner to claim the reward.
&size=10 & ownerType=LOYALTY_PROGRAM & ownerId=abc4

Response parameters

ParameterData TypeDescription
statusObjectObject containing the status of the reward details
successBooleanIndicates if the operation was successful
codeIntegerStatus code of the operation
messageStringStatus message
rewardListArrayList of rewards
idIntegerUnique identifier of the reward
nameStringName of the reward
startTimeStringStart time of the reward availability
endTimeStringEnd time of the reward availability
typeStringType of the reward.
priorityIntegerPriority of the reward
enabledBooleanIndicates if the reward is enabled
intouchPointsIntegerPoints required for the reward
redemptionTypeStringType of redemption for the reward
customFieldsObjectCustom fields for additional information
ownersArrayList of owners of the reward
ownerTypeEnumModule for which the reward was created.
ownerIdStringUnique identifier of the owner to claim the reward.
pagingDtoObjectThe object containing paging details
lastBooleanIndicates if it is the last page
totalElementsIntegerTotal number of elements
totalPagesIntegerTotal number of pages
numberOfElementsIntegerNumber of elements in the current page
firstBooleanIndicates if it is the first page
sizeIntegerSize of the page
numberIntegerCurrent page number
    "status": {
        "success": true,
        "code": 6101,
        "message": "Reward details fetched successfully"
    "rewardList": [
            "id": 28548,
            "name": "English",
            "startTime": "2024-12-01 18:04:00",
            "endTime": "2024-12-01 18:04:10",
            "type": "VOUCHER",
            "priority": 1,
            "enabled": true,
            "intouchPoints": 1,
            "redemptionType": "CART_PROMOTION",
            "customFields": {},
            "owners": [
                    "ownerType": "LOYALTY_PROGRAM",
                    "ownerId": "123456789"
    "pagingDto": {
        "last": true,
        "totalElements": 1,
        "totalPages": 1,
        "numberOfElements": 1,
        "first": true,
        "size": 10,
        "number": 0
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