The store entity holds information about all stores configured for an organization. This entity contain APIs to manage and fetch store details such as retrieve store information, upload log files to the server, get store report, and fetch store tasks. Store details and configurations cannot be updated using store APIs.

Status Codes

Success Codes

900Store details retrieved successfully
900Report uploaded successfully
900Store report retrieved successfully
910Tasks retrieved successfully

Error Codes

901Store information retrieval failed
902Store identifier is invalid
903Unable to fetch store details. No store id is passed
904Client log file size does not match with the file size uploaded on server
905Client log file signature does not match with the file signature on server
906Uploading client log file to file service failed.
907Insert client log file metadata in database failed
908Tasks retrieval failed
909No tasks found
911Report type is invalid
912Report upload failed
913Unable to fetch store details. No identifier is passed
921Unable to insert one or more store server stats
922Unable to insert the entire store server stats
923Unable to insert one or more till diagnostic details
924Unable to insert all till diagnostics details