Status codes

This page displays the success and error codes associated with the the authentication APIs.

1502Unable to validate OTP.
1503Unable to generate OTP.
1504Unable to generate token.
1505Invalid session.
1506Invalid OTP.
1507Mobile number does not match with the mobile number used to generate token/session.
1508Device ID does not match with the device ID used to generate token/session.
1509Brand name does not match with the brand name used to generate token/session.
1515User does not exist.
1518Reached the maximum allowed OTP retry attempts, Authenticate form the start.
1519Invalid details passed.
1520Password is enabled for the brand. Password cannot be empty.
1521Password and confirm password does not match.
1523Unable to change password.
1524Password is not enabled for the brand.
1525Cannot regenerate token, please authenticate again.
1526Unable to validate password.
1527Old password and new password cannot be same.
1528Invalid password, please try with the correct password.
1529Token has expired.
1530Reached the maximum allowed password retry attempts, please reset your password.
1531Unable to expire token.
1532Unable to reset password.
1534Reached the maximum number of OTPs allowed per customer.
1535Maximum OTP count per customer cannot be 0 (it has to be >= 1).
1537OTP is not generated for the provided details. Please generate OTP and try again.
1540Either mobile or email is required to send OTP.
1541Identifier used to generate session does not match with the identifier used to generate or validate OTP.
1542Password does not meet the requirements.
1543Username already exists.
1546Invalid identifierType passed.