Get brand-specific rewards

This API is used to retrieve details of an active reward for a particular brand.

For example: A brand configures a reward for their customer to earn. Through this API, the brands can check the active rewards configured for their customers.



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  • Authentication: Basic or OAuth authentication
  • Default access group

API Specification

URI/api_gateway/rewards/core/v1/user/reward/{reward Id}/brand/{brand name}
Batch supportNo
Rate limit informationNone

API endpoint example

Request path parameters

Parameter NameData TypeDescription
rewardId*StringUnique identifier of the reward. Ex: 112295
brandName*StringName of the brand the reward is associated with. Ex: 1

Request query parameters

Parameter NameData TypeDescription
userIdStringUnique identifier of the user.
languageStringEnter the language code. Ex: en,ja,fr

Response parameters

Parameter NameData TypeDescription
successBooleanIndicates the success of the operation
codeIntegerResponse code indicating the status
messageStringDescription of the status
idIntegerUnique identifier for the reward
nameStringName of the reward
descriptionStringDescription of the reward
imageIdStringIdentifier for the reward image
imageUrlStringURL for the reward image
thumbnailIdStringIdentifier for the reward thumbnail image
thumbnailUrlStringURL for the reward thumbnail image
termAndConditionsIdStringIdentifier for the terms and conditions document
termAndConditionsUrlStringURL for the terms and conditions document
customFieldsObjectList of custom fields.
customFieldNameStringName of the custom field.
customFieldValueStringValue of the custom field.
tierStringTier of the reward
labelStringLabel of the reward
priorityIntegerPriority level of the reward
intouchPointsIntegerPoints associated with the reward
groupIntegerGroup associated with the reward
startTimeStringStart time of the reward availability
endTimeStringEnd time of the reward availability
expiredBooleanIndicates if the reward is expired
startedBooleanIndicates if the reward has started
programIdStringProgram ID associated with the reward
categoryListArrayList of categories associated with the reward
customFieldsObjectCustom fields associated with the reward
loyaltyProgramCriteriaArrayCriteria for loyalty programs related to the reward
restrictionsObjectRestrictions associated with the reward
appliedPromotionsArrayList of promotions applied to the reward
groupNameStringName of the group
groupRankIntegerRank of the group
rewardRankIntegerRank of the reward.
rewardRevenueMetaObjectAn object with commission details for different participants over specific periods.
commissionParticipantEnumThe entity receiving the commission. Supported values: BRAND, CAPILLARY, AFFILIATE, END_CUSTOMER
commissionRateFloatThe amount of commission to be received.
cycleStartDateDateStart date of the commission cycle.
Note: cycleStartDate should be greater than rewardStartDate. cycleStartDate must be in the future.
cycleEndDateDateEnd date of the commission cycle.
Note: cycleEndDate should smaller than rewardEndDate.
cycleEndDate must be in the future
rewardRevenueDefaultsObjectAn object with the default commission.
commissionParticipantEnumThe entity receiving the commission.
defaultValueFloatDefault commission rate associated with the participant.
Note: If no defaultValue is passed, then 0 is considered as the defaultValue.
paymentConfigsObjectThe paymentConfigs object includes the type of payment mode used to purchase the reward. The ID is the unique identifier for the payment mode configuration used.
paymentModeEnumThe type of payment mode used to redeem the reward.
idIntegerUnique identifier for the payment configuration
    "status": {
        "success": true,
        "code": 200,
        "message": "User Reward fetched successfully"
    "reward": {
        "id": 55569,
        "name": " INTOUCH Enabled",
        "description": "Description",
        "imageId": "EXDR12987U",
        "imageUrl": "",
        "thumbnailId": "EXDR12987T",
        "thumbnailUrl": "",
        "termAndConditionsId": "EXDR12987R",
        "termAndConditionsUrl": "",
        "tier": "SILVER",
        "label": null,
        "priority": 1,
        "intouchPoints": 0,
        "group": null,
        "startTime": "2024-04-09 21:05:30",
        "endTime": "2024-11-29 11:09:49",
        "expired": false,
        "started": true,
        "programId": null,
        "categoryList": [],
        "customFields": {},
        "loyaltyProgramCriteria": [],
        "rewardRestrictions": {
            "isValid": true
        "appliedPromotions": [],
        "groupName": null,
        "groupRank": null,
        "rewardRank": null,
        "images": [],
        "videos": [],
        "rewardRevenueDetails": {
            "brandCommission": 0,
            "endCustomerCommission": 0
        "paymentConfigs": [
                "paymentMode": "CASH",
                "id": 8,
                "cash": 500.0000

API-specific error codes

Error CodeDescription
6004Reward not found or disabled
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