Update Transaction Details

Lets you update transaction level and transaction line-item level custom fields, extended fields details, associated till, and transaction notes.

It also allows converting a not_interested transaction to a regular transaction (Retro Transaction).

Rate Limit

RegionDefault Limit (RPM)
Asia-2 (Singapore)1500
Asia-1 (N. Virginia)200
EMEA (Ireland)100

Request Body Parameters

idintUnique id of the transaction that you want to update.
numberstringTransaction number that you need to update.
mobile/email/id/external_idstringPass any of the identifiers of the customer associated to the transaction.
update_tillstringTill code associated to the transaction update.
notesstringReason for the transaction update for reference.
extended_fieldsobjUpdate extended field details of the transaction.
custom_fieldsobjUpdate custom field details of the transaction.
old_typeenumEarlier type of transaction. Usually, it will be NOT_INTERESTED.

Applicable for retro conversion.

Response Parameters

extended_fieldsobjExtended field details of the transaction that are updated.
custom_fieldsobjCustom field details of the transaction that are updated.
idlongUnique ID of the transaction generated by the system.
numberstringBill or transaction number.
typeenumCurrent transaction type.
customerobjCustomer details associated to the transaction.
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