Search Products

Retrieve products available at the current org based on the query params such as SKU, quantity, price, item status, images, attributes and so on.


This API supports only Basic Authentication.

Search Query String

Attributes like price, item_sku, description, img_url are common for all the orgs.

Standard Query: attribute:OPERATOR:value

Search Query String is the URL encoded string containing the parameters used for searching. You can pass multiple params in the query with fixed operators separating each query string with |

For instance, assume that you want to retrieve all the products which matches any of the following

  • Color: Black, blue, or green
  • Size XL,
  • Price range: 2000 - 4000
  • Department: Men

Then the query string would be as shown below:


URL Encoded String:


Request URL: https://{host}/v1.1/product/search?q=(color%3ain%3ablack%3bblue%3bgreen%7csize%3aequals%3axl%7cprice%3arange%3a2000%3b4000%7cdepartment%3aequals%3amen)&format={xml/json}

The following characters are not supported in search queries as they have a special meaning in search grammar.
`+ - && || ! ( ) { } [ ] ^ " ~ * ? : \`

Response Parameters

idlongUnique ID of the product generated by the system.
skustringSKU of the product.
eanstringEuropean article number of the product.
pricedoublePrice of the product.
org_idlongUnique ID of the current org.
descriptionstringBrief description of the product.
img_urlstringURL of the product image.
attributesobjAttributes of the product in name-value pairs.
added_ondate-timeDate and time of the product addition.
ou_idintegerIndicates the ID of the OU. -1 indicates that the product belongs to a master org. This is applicable only if OU support for product inventory is enabled.
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