Get Org Entities

Retrieves the details of zones, stores, store servers, concepts or TILLs configured for the current organization. By default, it fetches up to 200 entities.

Request parameter

type*EnumPass the entity type of which you want to retrieve the details. Value: STORE, STR_SERVER (store server), TILL, ZONE, CONCEPT. Pass example, pass STORE to retrieve store details. The maximum number of stores that can be fetched at once is 500.
scopeEnumPass STORE_CUSTOM_FIELDS or ZONE_CUSTOM_FIELDS to retrieve the list of store level or zone level custom fields.
TILL_CUSTOM_FIELDS - To retrieve details of till specific custom fields.
idlongPass an entity id as in the org_entities table (in database) to get the details of that particular entity.
parent_identifier_typeenumParent entity type to fetch its child entities. Values: STORE_CODE, STORE_ID, STORE_EXTERNAL_ID, CONCEPT_CODE, CONCEPT_ID.
parent_identifier_valuestringPass the respective identifier value. For example, parent_identifier_type=CONCEPT_CODE&parent_identifier_value=supermarket.
include_parentbooleanPass true to retrieve the details of the parent entity (parent zone or concept). This is applicable only for type zone or concept.
sub_entities_countintLimit the number of sub-entities to retrieve for each entity.
detailsenumPass basic to see only basic information excluding currency, time-zone, and language information.
exclude_localebooleanPass 1 to exclude time zone details (timezones), 0 to retrieve timezones > base_timezone details of an entity. Default value is 0.
start_idlongFetches entities that are above the offset number you pass. Offset is the position of the entity in the db record. The value is assigned based on the sequence of creation. For example, start_id=10 retrieves all the entities from record number 11.
limitintLimit the number of entities to retrieve. Default value is 500.
modified_sincedateRetrieves the entities that are modified on or after a specific date. Pass the date in YYYY-MM-DD format.
active_onlybooleanPass true to retrieve the list of only active stores.

Response parameter

ParameterData TypeDescription
response.pagination.limitIntegerMaximum number of items returned per page.
response.pagination.offsetIntegerOffset for the starting record of the result.
response.pagination.totalIntegerTotal number of entities found.
response.status.successBooleanIndicates if the request was successful.
response.status.codeIntegerStatus code for the response.
response.status.messageStringMessage describing the status of the request.
entity.idStringUnique identifier for the store.
entity.is_activeBooleanIndicates if the store is active (1 = Yes).
entity.codeStringCode representing the store.
entity.nameStringName of the store.
entity.descriptionStringDescription of the store.
entity.last_updated_byStringIdentifier of the user who last updated the entity.
entity.last_updated_onStringDate and time when the entity was last updated.
entity.custom_fields.fieldObjectCustom fields associated with the entity. Each field contains name and value.
entity.time_zone_idStringIdentifier for the store's timezone.
entity.currency_idStringIdentifier for the store's currency.
entity.language_idStringIdentifier for the store's language.
entity.timezones.base_timezone.labelStringLabel for the base timezone of the store.
entity.timezones.base_timezone.offsetStringOffset for the base timezone of the store.
entity.currencies.base_currency.symbolStringSymbol for the base currency of the store.
entity.currencies.base_currency.labelStringLabel for the base currency of the store.
entity.language_codeStringCode representing the store's language.
entity.language_localeStringLocale associated with the store's language.
entity.languages.base_language.langStringBase language of the store.
entity.languages.base_language.localeStringLocale of the base language of the store.
entity.external_idStringExternal identifier for the store.
entity.external_id_1StringAdditional external identifier for the store.
entity.external_id_2StringAnother additional external identifier for the store.
entity.mobileStringMobile number associated with the store.
entity.channelStringChannel where the store operates (e.g., instore).
entity.land_lineStringLandline number associated with the store.
entity.emailStringEmail address associated with the store.
entity.addressStringAddress of the store.
entity.location.latitudeDoubleLatitude coordinate of the store's location.
entity.location.longitudeDoubleLongitude coordinate of the store's location.
entity.typeStringType of the entity (e.g., STORE).
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