Get catalog promotion details

This API is used to get the details of a particular catalog promotion for a particular brand.



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  • Authentication: Basic or OAuth authentication
  • Default access group

Resource information

URI/api_gateway/rewards/core/v1/promotion/{promotion Id}/brand/{brand Id}
Batch supportNo
Rate limit informationNone

API endpoint example

Request path parameters

ParameterData TypeDescription
promotionId*StringUnique ID of promotion. Ex: 2
brandId*StringYou can use the API and retrieve the brand ID of your brand.

Response parameters

ParameterData TypeDescription
successBooleanIndicates if the request was successful
codeIntegerStatus code
messageStringStatus message
idIntegerUnique identifier of the promotion
nameStringName of the promotion
orgIdIntegerOrganization ID associated with the promotion
isEnabledBooleanIndicates if the promotion is enabled
startTimeStringStart time of the promotion
endTimeStringEnd time of the promotion
discountTypeStringType of discount
discountValueFloatValue of the discount
lastUpdatedOnStringLast update time of the promotion
createdOnStringCreation time of the promotion
lastUpdatedByIntegerID of the user who last updated the promotion
createdByIntegerID of the user who created the promotion
languageCodeStringLanguage code
nameStringName of the promotion in specific language
descriptionStringDescription in specific language
enabledBooleanIndicates if the promotion is enabled in this language
createdByIntegerID of the user who created the language-specific info
createdOnString (DateTime)Creation time of the language-specific info
lastUpdatedByIntegerID of the user who last updated the language-specific info
lastUpdateOnString (DateTime)Last update time of the language-specific info
customFieldsObjectCustom fields associated with the promotion
idIntegerUnique identifier of the reward
rewardIdIntegerSpecific reward ID
promotionIdIntegerLinks the reward to the promotion
startTimeString (DateTime)Start time of the reward
endTimeString (DateTime)End time of the reward
expiredBooleanIndicates if the reward has expired
startedBooleanIndicates if the reward has started
intouchPointsPostDiscountIntegerPoints post discount
    "status": {
        "success": true,
        "code": 11008,
        "message": "Catalog promotion fetched successfully."
    "catalogPromotion": {
        "id": 2,
        "name": "P1- R-5165 P1- R-5165 upadted 2",
        "orgId": 100458,
        "isEnabled": false,
        "startTime": "2023-05-04 20:58:49",
        "endTime": "2025-10-25 11:16:00",
        "discountType": "ABSOLUTE",
        "discountValue": 0.80,
        "lastUpdatedOn": "2023-05-04 17:37:23",
        "createdOn": "2023-05-04 11:16:42",
        "lastUpdatedBy": 75078478,
        "createdBy": 75078478,
        "languageSpecificInfo": [
                "languageCode": "en",
                "name": "P1- R-5165 P1- R-5165 upadted 2",
                "description": "description",
                "enabled": true,
                "createdBy": 75078478,
                "createdOn": "2023-05-04 11:16:42",
                "lastUpdatedBy": 75078478,
                "lastUpdateOn": "2023-05-04 11:17:41"
        "customFields": {},
        "rewards": [
                "id": 2,
                "rewardId": 53908,
                "promotionId": 2,
                "startTime": "2023-05-04 20:58:49",
                "endTime": "2023-10-31 11:59:30",
                "expired": true,
                "started": true,
                "intouchPointsPostDiscount": 100

API-specific error codes

Error codeDescription
11007Catalog promotion not found.
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