Points Ledger

Points as incentives are treated as currency within an org and its affiliates. The multitude of credits, debits, and adjustments impact the pool of points in the customer account. When points issued from different programs of the org can be redeemed across the org units or loyalty programs, it is important to understand the debit and credit history. Ledger APIs help you retrieve the points debit and credit details across the programs of the org.

Status Codes

11001This combination of request parameters is not supported. Try removing parameters.
11002This customer has pending events, hence the ledger may be incomplete. Please retry after some time to get a complete ledger
11003There are no ledger entries present for the given parameters. Try removing parameters to widen the search
11004Invalid tillId passed in request
11005Invalid programId passed in request
11006Limit cannot be greater than 10
11007Invalid ledgerEntryType passed in request
11008Invalid pointCategoryType passed in request
11009Startdate is after endDate
11010Time interval between startDate and endDate is greater than 60 days
11011The date format used is not supported. Enter the date in (yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss) format
11012Invalid userId passed in request
11013identifierName, identifierValue, source can not be empty
11014Event name not found :{0},
Requested cannot be processed. Max 10
events are allowed in params.
11015Error setting event detail
11016Event detail not found for event log id {0}
11017Event id format exception:{0}
11018No users found for provided roles
11019Source value
capturing status is disabled. Please enable it from org settings page

EMF Errors

9003Error fetching points ledger data : {0}
9004Warning while fetching ledger info : {0}
9005Invalid alternateCurrencyNames field