Update Lead Status

Updates the status and substatus of an existing lead. You can have status as OPEN (for new lead), WON (for a successful purchase lead), LOST (for unreverted lead), ON_HOLD, DELETED.

Body parameter

statusStatus for which you want to add sub-status.
subStatusName of the new sub-status that you want to create.
reasonIdReason id that you want to associate to the lead.
createdByEntity id of the staff who created the lead.
createdOnDate and time of lead creation in YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssTZD format.

Response parameter

idUnique identifier for the lead.
userIdUser ID associated with the lead.
typeType of lead, e.g., SKU.
leadForLead for a specific item or SKU.
statusCurrent status of the lead.
nextFollowUpScheduled date and time for the next follow-up.
createdOnDate and time when the lead was created.
createdByUser ID of the creator of the lead.
lastUpdatedOnDate and time when the lead was last updated.
lastUpdatedByUser ID of the person who last updated the lead.
followUpDetailsDetails of follow-up activities for the lead.
statusLogDetailsDetails of the status log for the lead.
orgSourceIdOrganization source ID associated with the lead.
extendedFieldsExtended fields related to the lead.
subStatusSub-status of the lead.
warningsList of warnings associated with the response.
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