Redeem bulk coupons

Lets you redeem one or more coupons of a customer.


A maximum of 50 coupons can be redeemed in a single API request.

Query parameter

sourceRegistered source of the customer.
accountIdAccount ID for sources with multiple accounts. Required for multi-source accounts.

Body parameter

redemptionRequestListList of coupons to redeem.
codeCoupon code to redeem.
redemptionTimeDate and time of redemption in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS format.
transactionNumberTransaction number for which the coupon(s) needs to be redeemed.
billAmountTransaction amount for which the coupon is redeemed.
userDetails of the customer that redeems the coupon(s).
idUnique ID of the customer.
mobile*Unique mobile number of the customer.
email*Unique email ID of the customer.
externalId*Unique external ID of the customer.

*Any one of the customer identifiers is mandatory.

Response parameter

entityIdUnique identifier for the entity.
result.idUnique ID of the result.
result.currencyInputIndicates if currency input is present.
result.localToBaseCurrencyExchangeRateExchange rate from local currency to base currency.
result.codeCode associated with the result.
result.discountCodeCode indicating the type of discount.
result.seriesCodeCode associated with the series.
result.isAbsoluteIndicates if the value is absolute.
result.couponValueValue of the coupon.
result.redemptionStatus.statusCodeStatus code object containing status details.
result.redemptionStatus.messageMessage indicating the status of coupon processing.
result.redemptionStatus.codeCode indicating the status of coupon processing.
result.redemptionStatus.successIndicates if the coupon processing was successful.
result.discountTypeType of discount provided.
result.discountValueValue of the discount provided.
result.discountUptoMaximum value up to which the discount is applicable.
totalCountTotal count of items in the response.
failureCountCount of items that failed.
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