Retrieve group slab/tier log history

This API enables you to retrieve group's tier log history.


Make sure you have the appropriate access control configured. For more information, see access group documentation.

API endpoint


Query parameters

fleetGroupIdStringDefines the fleet group id.
startDateDateFilter results where transaction_date < end_date. Enter the date in ISO standard date format.
endDateDateFilter results where transaction_date < end_date. Enter the date in ISO standard date format.
pageSizeIntegerDefines the maximum number of results that should be displayed. This should be a positive value.

You can then fill in the table with the relevant information based on the response you receive from executing the cURL command.

Response parameters

dataAn array containing the details of the changes made to the slabs.
data.fromSlabNumberThe slab number before the change.
data.toSlabNumberThe slab number after the change.
data.fromThe name of the slab before the change.
data.toThe name of the slab after the change.
data.changedOnThe date and time when the change occurred.
data.notesAdditional notes or information about the change.
data.tillIdThe ID of the till associated with the change.
data.storeAn object containing details about the store. ID of the store. code of the store. description of the store. name of the store. type of the store. administrative type of the store. if the store is an organization unit.
data.typeThe type of change (e.g., "RENEW", "UPGRADE", "DOWNGRADE").
data.programIdThe ID of the program associated with the change.
paginationAn object containing pagination information.
pagination.limitThe maximum number of records per page.
pagination.offsetThe offset of the records in the current page.
pagination.totalThe total number of records available.
warningsAn array containing any warning messages.
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