Change identifier on Auth engine

This API enables you to change identifier values in the Auth engine database.



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This API enables you to change identifier values in the Auth engine database. Whenever a user updates the email or mobile number on Intouch, the same changes are not reflected in the Auth engine database, potentially causing usability issues for users when using the brand's applications. To avoid this issue, the API needs to be integrated into the app's change identifier flow. The app must make an additional call to ensure that the identifier updates are also reflected in the Auth engine database.


To be noted

The UpdateIdentifier API call updates the IdentifierValue corresponding to the old IdentifierValue. For instance, if the old IdentifierValue is "Mobile," the new IdentifierValue can be updated to a mobile number, and not an email.


  • Valid token generated using auth/v1/web/token/generate
  • You can use this API only after successfully login into the system using primary/MFA OTP or MFA/primary password

Resource information


Body parameters

newIdentifierValueStringThe new identifier value
identifierTypeStringThe type of identifier (MOBILE, EMAIL)
identifierValueStringThe old identifier value (e.g., 919988776655). Make sure that the identifier value matches with the value on Intouch.
brandStringThe brand name (e.g., BUKL)
tokenStringToken generated using auth/v1/web/token/generate
deviceIdStringUnique ID of the device from which the customer has generated the token.
    "newIdentifierValue": "[email protected]",
    "identifierType": "EMAIL",
    "identifierValue":"[email protected]",
   "brand": "SOLAPIPOCNEW",

Response parameters

statusObjectAn object containing status details
successBooleanIndicates whether the operation was successful (true or false)
codeIntegerThe status code associated with the response (e.g., 200)
messageStringA message providing additional information about the status (e.g., "SUCCESS")
  "status": {
    "success": true,
    "code": 200,
    "message": "SUCCESS"
    "status": {
        "success": false,
        "code": 1519,
        "message": "Invalid details for respective API"

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