Forget Password

Lets you set a new password if the customer has lost or forgot password. This is applicable only for brands for which password is enabled. You need to first generate sessionId and then use it in password/forget. After setting a new password, the customer customer needs to authenticate again -

  1. Generate token,
  2. Generate OTP, and
  3. Validate OTP.

Resource Information

URI for Mobile Appauth/v1/password/forget
URI for Web Appauth/v1/web/password/forget
Rate Limited?Indicates whether the operation is rate-limited.
AuthenticationSpecifies whether authentication is required for the operation.
HTTP MethodThe HTTP method used for the operation.
Batch SupportIndicates whether batch processing is supported for the operation.

Request URL

For mobile application:


`For web application:


Request Body Parameters

identifierType*enumValues: MOBILE, EMAIL, USERNAME.
identifierValue*stringValue of the specified identifierType. For example, if identifierType is MOBILE, the identifierValue is a mobile number.
deviceId**stringUnique ID of the device used to reset the password.
brand*stringName of the brand or organization associated with the current account.
sessionId*stringUnique sessionId generated for the identifierType and deviceId combination.
password*stringNew password for the account.
confirmPassword*stringReenter the new password.

Parameters marked with * are mandatory

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