Check if coupon is Redeemable

Lets you check whether a set of coupons can be redeemed or not.


Any one customer identifier is mandatory.

Query parameter

userobjPass the identifier of the customer to check if his/her coupon is redeemable.
mobile/email/externalId/idstringPass any of the identifiers of the customer.
codestringPass the coupon code that you want to check for redemption. You can also pass multiple coupon codes separating each with a comma ,
detailsbooleanPass true to retrieve the details of the coupon series.
details=extended-Retrieves the details of coupon configurations (set on campaign) of that specific coupon series.

Response parameter

accountIdAccount ID associated with the profile.
autoUpdateTimeTimestamp of when the profile was last automatically updated.
commChannels[]List of communication channels associated with the profile.
fieldsAny additional fields associated with the profile.
firstNameFirst name of the customer in the profile.
typeType of the identifier (e.g., email, externalId, mobile).
valueValue of the identifier.
lastNameLast name of the customer in the profile.
userIdUser ID associated with the profile.
appendedErrorMessageAny appended error message related to the redemption.
codeThe code of the redemption.
isAbsoluteBoolean indicating if the redemption value is absolute.
isRedeemableBoolean indicating if the coupon is redeemable.
numberOfRedemptionsByUserNumber of times the coupon has been redeemed by the user.
redemptionsLeftNumber of redemptions left for the coupon ).
warnings[]List of any warnings related to the redemption.
codeThe code indicating the status of the redemption.
messageMessage related to the redemption status.
statusBoolean indicating the overall status of the redemption.
warnings[]List of any general warnings related to the request/response.
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