Get customer hierarchy in a user group

Retrieves all child customers for a parent customer.


Make sure that you have appropriate access control configured. For more information, see access group documentation.

API endpoint


Query parameters

Query ParameterTypeDescription
sourcestringIndicates the origin of the data.
associationEntityTypestringType of entity associated.
associationEntityIdentifierTypestringThe type of identifier used for the associated entity.
associationEntityIdentifierValueinteger/stringThe actual identifier value for the associated entity.
limitintegerThe maximum number of records to return per page.
offsetintegerThe starting point in the list of records.
sortOrderstringThe order in which the data is sorted.
includeNoOfChildrenbooleanA flag indicating whether to include the number of children entities.
includeCustomerAssociateDetailbooleanA flag indicating whether to include details of associated customers.

Response parameters

entityobjectAn object containing information about customers and their parent relationships.
customersarray[object]An array containing customer profiles and related details.
profilesarray[object]An array containing customer profile details such as first name, last name, identifiers, communication channels, source, user ID, account ID, and more.
firstNamestringThe first name of the customer.
lastNamestringThe last name of the customer.
fieldsobjectAdditional fields associated with the customer profile.
identifiersarray[object]An array containing customer identifier details such as type and value.
typestringThe type of identifier, e.g., "mobile".
valuestringThe value of the identifier, e.g., mobile number.
commChannelsarray[object]An array containing communication channel details such as type, value, primary status, verification status, meta attributes, and attributes.
typestringThe type of communication channel, e.g., "mobile".
valuestringThe value of the communication channel, e.g., mobile number.
primarybooleanIndicates if the communication channel is the primary one.
verifiedbooleanIndicates if the communication channel is verified.
metaobjectMeta attributes associated with the communication channel.
sourcestringThe source of the customer data, e.g., "INSTORE".
userIdintegerThe unique identifier of the user.
accountIdstringThe account ID associated with the customer.
conflictingProfileListarrayAn array containing conflicting profile information.
autoUpdateTimestringThe date and time when the customer profile was last updated.
identifiersAllarray[object]An array containing all identifier details for the customer.
roleCodestringA string representing the role code associated with the customer profile.
createdDatestringThe date and time when the customer profile was created.
noOfChildrenintegerThe number of children associated with the customer.
defaultChildbooleanIndicates whether the customer is the default child.
parentCustomerobjectAn object containing details about the parent customer of the specified customer.
extendedFieldsobjectAn object containing extended fields associated with the customer profile, such as city and gender.
citystringThe city associated with the customer.
genderstringThe gender of the customer.
countintegerAn integer indicating the count of entities in the response.
errorsarrayAn array containing any errors encountered during the request.
warningsarrayAn array containing any warnings generated during the request.
successbooleanA boolean indicating the success status of the request.
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