Add Product Attributes

Lets you add attributes to an existing product.

Request Body Parameters

default_attribute_value_namestringDefault value for the attribute (when no value is provided).
labelstringLabel name for the attribute.
namestringName of the attribute.
ou_codestringIdentification code of the organisation unit. This is applicable only if OU support for product inventory is enabled. For more information, see OU support for product inventory.
use_in_dumpenumValue: 1
valuesobjValues of the attribute.
labelstringLabel name for the attribute value.
namestringName of the attribute value.

Response parameters

responseThe main object containing the API response data.
response.statusThe status information of the API response.
response.status.successIndicates if the API call was successful (true/false)
response.status.codeNumeric code indicating the response status.
response.status.messageMessage describing the status of the response.
response.productObject containing product-related information.
response.product.attributesObject containing attributes related to the product.
response.product.attributes.attributeArray of attribute objects.
attribute.nameThe name of the attribute.
attribute.labelLabel associated with the attribute.
attribute.is_enumIndicates if the attribute is an enumeration (1/0).
attribute.typeThe data type of the attribute.
attribute.ou_codeCode related to the organizational unit.
attribute.ou_idID of the organizational unit.
attribute.extraction_rule_typeType of extraction rule for the attribute.
attribute.extraction_rule_dataData associated with the extraction rule.
attribute.is_soft_enumIndicates if the attribute is a soft enumeration.
attribute.use_in_dumpIndicates if the attribute is used in dumps.
attribute.default_attribute_value_nameDefault value for the attribute.
attribute.values.valueArray of values associated with the attribute.
value.nameThe name of the value.
value.labelLabel associated with the value.
attribute.item_statusStatus information about the attribute addition.
attribute.item_status.successIndicates if the attribute addition was successful.
attribute.item_status.codeNumeric code indicating the status of the addition.
attribute.item_status.messageMessage describing the status of the addition.
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