Add Store

Allows org admins to add a store to an org.

Body parameter

codeUnique code for the entity.
descriptionDescription of the entity.
nameName of the entity.
typeType of the entity.
adminTypeType of admin for the entity.
isActiveIndicates if the entity is active.
timeZoneIdID corresponding to the time zone of the entity.
currencyIdID corresponding to the currency used by the entity.
languageIdID corresponding to the language of the entity.
parentZoneIdID of the parent zone of the entity.
externalIdsList of external IDs associated with the entity.
emailEmail address associated with the entity.
mobileMobile number associated with the entity.
landlineLandline number associated with the entity.
latitudeLatitude location of the entity.
longitudeLongitude location of the entity.
addressAddress of the entity.
cityIdID corresponding to the city of the entity.
areaIdID corresponding to the area of the entity.

Response parameter

createdIdID of the created entity.
warningsList of any warnings associated with request.
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