Retrieve points expiry schedule of a group

This API allows you to retrieve the points expiry schedule of a specific group.


Make sure that you have appropriate access control configured. For more information, see access group documentation.

API endpoint


Query parameters

Query ParameterDescription
externalIdThe external identifier for the user group.
typeThe type of the user group.
startDateThe start date for the points expiry schedule.
endDateThe end date for the points expiry schedule.
getDataForAllProgramsA boolean indicating whether to get data for all programs or not.
fetchEarliestExpiryOnlyA boolean indicating whether to fetch only the earliest expiry data.
limitsThe maximum number of records to return per page.
offsetsThe starting point in the list of records.

Response parameters

expirySchedulesThis is an array containing objects which each represent a set of points scheduled to expire.
pointsThe number of points that are set to expire.
expiryDateThe date when the points will expire.
programIdThe identifier of the program to which the points are attached.
pointsTypeThe type of points that are set to expire.
expiryTypeThe type of expiry, indicating how the expiry date was determined.
warningsAn array of warning messages, if any were generated during the request.
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