Search Customers by Label

Retrieves the list of customers who are tagged to a specific label. You can also search by partial label name. By default you will see a maximum of 10 records.

  • Rate limiter controls the number of incoming and outgoing traffic of a network.
  • Authentication verifies the identity of the current user or integration.
    See Introduction > Authentication (Merchant Setup on Admin Portal) for more details.

Query parameters

qSpecify the label name by which you want to fetch customers. You can also pass partial string. For example pre to fetch customers in all labels that starts with pre.

Response parameters

limitThe limit of items displayed on the current page.
offsetThe starting point from which items are displayed (used for pagination).
totalThe total number of items available across all pages.
userIdThe unique identifier of the user.
customerLabelsList of labels associated with the customer.
orgIdThe organization ID associated with the label.
labelIdThe unique identifier of the label.
userIdThe unique identifier of the user associated with the label.
labelNameThe name of the label.
warningsList of any warnings related to the request/response.
errorsList of any errors related to the request/response.
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