Issue/Earn badge request

This API endpoint allows for the initiation of an Earn Badge Workflow. It enables issuing a badge to a customer.



  • For detailed information about our APIs and for hands-on testing, refer documentation in API overview and step-by-step guide on making your first API call in Make your first API call .

API endpoint example



  • Authentication: Basic or OAuth authentication
  • Default access group
  • Maker request access (CanMakeRequest). Contact admin for access.

Resource information

Batch supportNo
Rate limit informationNone

Header information

X-CAP-UI-AUTH-TOKENA JSON Web Token (JWT) is used for intouch user authentication. CanMakeRequest access is required to generate this token.

Request body parameters

Parameter (Parameters marked * are mandatory)TypeDescription
entityInfo*ObjectInformation about the entity (till, store, zone, concept)
- tillId*StringThe unique identifier for the till associated with the transaction.
- storeId*StringThe unique identifier for the store where the transaction occurs.
- zoneId*StringThe unique identifier for the zone or area the store is associated with.
- conceptId*StringThe unique identifier for the concept or branding associated with the store.
payloadObjectThe Intouch payload for the Earn Badge Workflow is a structured set of data that facilitates the earning of a badge. This payload contains specific information required to execute this operation.
- IntouchAPITask-PayloadObjectInformation about the Intouch API task
- hostname*StringHostname for the API endpoint. Example - <>
- path*String/api_gateway/v1/badges/customer/earn. The path denotes the endpoint within the API that manages earning of badge. It defines the action that needs to be performed, which in this case, is the earn badge.
- method*StringPOST. The HTTP method used for the request
\pathParamsObjectThis field is reserved for any dynamic parameters that may be included in the API endpoint URL. Note: In this workflow, pathParams may not be utilized, as the necessary information is typically provided in the request body.
\queryParams*ObjectAdditional parameters that can be appended to the API request URL for further customization. *Note:** In this workflow, query parameters may not be utilized, as the necessary information is typically provided in the request body.
\body*ObjectThe body of the request containing payload data. See Earn badge API documentation for more information.
-ownerTypeEnumThe module for which the badge is being issued.
-referenceId:StringEnter a unique identifier to identify the owner (ownerType).
-customerIdNumberUnique identifier for the customer.
-requestIdNumberEnter a unique identifier to identify the request.
-badgeMetaIdStringUnique identifier ("id") generated during the creation of the badge.
source*StringSpecifies the source of goodwill point allocation eg “API”.
\headers*ObjectHeaders provide additional context and information about the request.
- AuthorizationStringContains the authentication credentials needed to access the Intouch API.
- content-typeStringThe content type of the request (application/JSON in this case). This field specifies that the payload is in JSON format, ensuring that the data is properly interpreted by the API.
-X-CAP-API-AUTH-ORG-IDNumberOrganisation ID
  "entityInfo": {
    "tillId" : "50682289",
    "storeId": "50682288",
    "zoneId": "50682286",
    "conceptId": "50678331"
    "IntouchAPITask-Payload" : {
      "hostname" : "",
      "path": "/api_gateway/v1/badges/customer/earn",
      "method": "POST",
      "pathParams" : {
        "triggeredBy": {
          "ownerType": "Goodwill_Module",
          "referenceId": "123"
        "customerId": 382477526,
        "requestId": "0f932928-9878-441c-a78e-c1d32235534q",
        "badgeMetaId": "658c50761c4c2b12732c3ec6"
        "Authorization": "Basic YWIxMjQ6MjVkNTVhZDI4M2FhNDAwYWY0NjRjNzZkNzEzYzA3YWQ=",
        "content-type": "application/json"

Response parameters

Parameter NameData TypeDescription
requestIdStringUnique identifier for the request.
userIdIntegerIdentifier for the user making the request.
userNameStringEmail or username of the user making the request.
requestTypeStringType of request being made (e.g., "customer-status-change").
stateStringCurrent state of the request (e.g., "AdminTask").
startTimeDateTimeTimestamp marking the start of the request.
endTimeDateTime/NullTimestamp marking the end of the request, if applicable.
IntouchAPITask-PayloadObjectObject containing specifics of the API call to change customer status.
  hostnameStringThe base URL of the API endpoint.
  pathStringSpecific path to the API endpoint for changing customer status.
  methodStringHTTP method used for the request.
  pathParamsObjectPath parameters for the API call, if any (empty in this case).
  queryParamsObjectQuery parameters for the API call, detailing aspects like source and identifier.
  bodyObjectBody of the API call, containing the reason for the status change and the new label.
  headersObjectHeaders for the API call, including Authorization and Content-Type.
ValidateMakerAccess_OutputBooleanIndicates whether maker access validation was successful.
ValidatePayload_OutputBooleanIndicates whether payload validation was successful.
    "data": {
        "requestId": "ef1bc378-a4d4-11ee-b2a9-462516199fc5",
        "userId": 232134,
        "userName": "[email protected]",
        "requestType": "earn-badge",
        "state": "AdminTask",
        "startTime": "2023-12-27T21:58:14",
        "endTime": null,
        "details": {
            "IntouchAPITask-Payload": {
                "hostname": "",
                "path": "/api_gateway/v1/badges/customer/earn",
                "method": "POST",
                "pathParams": {},
                "body": {
                    "triggeredBy": {
                        "ownerType": "Goodwill_Module",
                        "referenceId": "123"
                    "customerId": 382477526,
                    "requestId": "0f932928-9878-441c-a78e-c1d32235534q",
                    "badgeMetaId": "658c50761c4c2b12732c3ec6"
                "headers": {
                    "Authorization": "Basic YWIxMjQ6MjVkNTVhZDI4M2FhNDAwYWY0NjRjNzZkNzEzYzA3YWQ=",
                    "content-type": "application/json"
            "ValidateMakerAccess_Output": true,
            "ValidatePayload_Output": true

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