Get group transactions

Retrieves the transactions of a specific group. You can also get transactions of a group member using query parameters.


It is mandatory to have atleast one identifier, id or externalId


Make sure you have the appropriate access control configured. For more information, see access group documentation.

API endpoint

{host}/v2/userGroup2/transactions?{query parameters}

Query parameters

typeenum[REGULAR, RETURN]Type of the transaction to retrieve.
idintUnique ID of the user group to fetch transactions.
externalIdstringExternal ID of the group.
primaryUserIdstringUser ID of the primary member of the group.
identifierNameenum[mobile, email, externalId]Identifier used for the primary user of the group. Required to get transactions of the group member.
identifierValuestringValue of the specified identifier type.
sourceenum[FACEBOOK, WEB_ENGAGE, ...]Source in which the identifier is available.
accountIdstringAccount ID for sources with multiple accounts such as FACEBOOK, WEBENGAGE, WHATSAPP.
transactionIdintFetch details of a specific transaction by transaction ID.
billNumberstringFetch details of a specific transaction by bill number.
customerIdlongUnique ID of the group member to fetch group transactions made by the customer.
startDatedatetimeFilter results where transaction_date >= startDate. Pass ISO standard date format.
endDatestringFilter results where transaction_date < end_date. Pass ISO standard date format.
embedenum[EXTENDEDFIELDS, ...]Additional details to be fetched.
getDataForAllProgramsbooleanPass true to fetch transactions across all programs data (future use case).
offsetintOffset of the first entry in the result. This should be positive.
limitint (20)Maximum number of results to show.
orderenum[ACS, DESC] (DESC)Arranges the transactions based on the value set in sort in an ascending (asc) or descending order (desc).
creditNotesbooleanPass true to fetch credit notes details.
rolesstringRoles associated with the user.

Response parameters

useDefaultFleetGroupIndicates if the default fleet group is used.
loyaltiesPointDetailsDetails about loyalty points earned.
billPointsBreakupBreakdown of points earned on the bill.
billDetailsDetails about the bill.
sourceSource where the transaction originated.
addWithLocalCurrencyIndicates if the transaction was added with local currency.
asyncIndicates if the transaction was performed asynchronously.
useV2Indicates if version 2 of the transaction was used.
simulationIndicates if the transaction was a simulation.
customerIdUnique ID of the customer associated with the transaction.
idUnique ID of the transaction.
outlierStatusStatus of the transaction's outlier.
typeType of the transaction (REGULAR).
lifeTimePurchasesTotal lifetime purchases for the customer.
ignorePointsIndicates if points were ignored for the transaction.
autoUpdateTimeTime when the transaction was automatically updated.
transactionEventStatusStatus of the transaction event (PROCESSING_COMPLETE).
basketSizeSize of the basket (items in the transaction).
retroTxnIndicates if the transaction is retroactive.
warningsAny warnings associated with the transaction.
errorsAny errors that occurred during the transaction process.

Please note that the response contains an array of transaction objects, so the table above describes the parameters within each individual transaction object.

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