Get group by ID

This API allows you to retrieve details of a group using the group ID.



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  • Authentication: Basic or OAuth authentication
  • Default access group

Resource information

Batch supportNo
Rate limit informationNone

API endpoint example{groupId}

Request path parameters

ParametersData TypeDescription
groupId*StringUnique ID of the group. Ex: 6560ad9c7e3e81134376008b

Request query parameters

ParametersData TypeDescription
OrderEnumSort response based on order. Supported values: ASC and DESC
SizeIntegerThe number of items or records returned in a single API response.
PageIntegerThe amount of the data that you want to retrieve. Default value: 10.
statusBooleanIndicates whether the group is active. Ex: Set the status to true to

Response parameters

ParameterData TypeDescription
idStringUnique ID of the group.
orgIdIntegerUnique ID of the org.
nameStringName of the group.
rankIntegerRank of the group.
createdByIntegerID of the user who created the group.
createdOnTimestampTimestamp when the group was created
lastUpdatedByIntegerID of the user who last updated the group.
lastUpdatedOnTimestampTimestamp when the group was last updated
isActiveBooleanIndicates whether the group is active
errorsObjectIndicates that there are no errors
warningsObjectIndicates that there are no warnings
    "data": {
        "id": "6560ad9c7e3e81134376008b",
        "orgId": 4000106,
        "name": "cafeb9fe",
        "rank": 1,
        "createdBy": 50677380,
        "createdOn": 1700834716.366000000,
        "lastUpdatedBy": 50677380,
        "lastUpdatedOn": 1700834716.366000000,
        "isActive": true
    "errors": null,
    "warnings": null
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