Retro Transaction

Retro transaction means you can convert a not-interested transaction to a loyalty transaction (by tagging a not-interested transaction to the respective customer once registered).

To avail Retro Transaction, you need to enable CONF_RETRO_TRANSACTION_ENABLE on InTouch > Settings > Systems & Deployment > InTouch PoS Configuration > Billing page.

On the Billing page, you will also see a configuration to set the maximum duration allowed convert a not-interested transaction regular.


Additional Header Required for Retro Transaction


To recognize which source has made the retro call, you need to pass the name of the source. It is recommended to use a single name for a source so that it would be easy to track retro transactions of each source.


Request URL


Request Body Parameters

mobile/external_id/email/id*stringPass any one of the customer identifiers.
new_type*enumSpecify "REGULAR" to convert to a regular transaction.
notesstringProvide any additional information about the conversion for reference.
id*intUnique ID of the transaction that you want to convert.
old_type*enumEarlier type of transaction. Usually, it will be "NOT_INTERESTED".

Note that parameters marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.