Update Subscription Details

You can also use this API endpoint to update subscription details: /lookup/subscriptions?{queryParams}

This API allows updating (opt-in or opt-out) subscription status of transactional and bulk messaging services for a customer.

  • Transaction Messages: These are personalized messages sent to a customer instantly. For example, a new transaction details, points or coupon redeemed, send birthday or anniversary wishes and so on.
  • Bulk Messages: These are promotion messages sent to a list of customers. For example, through campaigns.

Request Body Parameters

userId*longUnique ID of the customer whose subscription details you want to modify
channelenumPass the communication channel that you want to update. Values: mobile, email, wechat, whatsapp, ios, android, and line.
priorityenumType of service for which you want to modify the subscription details.TRANS for personalized messages and BULK for campaign or bulk messages
typeenumOPTIN to subscribe and OPTOUT to unsubscribe.
orgUnitIdlongConcept ID or org unit ID to update subscription details of for an org unit.
sourceNameenumSource in which the identifier is registered. Values: INSTORE, FACEBOOK, WEB_ENGAGE, WECHAT, INSTORE, MARTJACK, TMALL, TAOBAO, JD, ECOMMERCE, WEBSITE, LINE, MOBILE_APP.
Parameter marked with * is mandatory and also pass other dependent required for the specific action.

Note: An update to the subscription status of a customer doesn’t generate or trigger event notifications.

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