Retrieve user group members list with cards & status details

This API enables you with the capability to fetch member details within a user group, including customer statuses, card details and associated status labels.

The API also supports filtering options based on dates and pagination.

API endpoint

{host}/V2/userGroup2/members?{query parameters}

Example: 00:00:00&toDate=2023-01-31 23:59:59

Query parameters

identifierNameStringSpecifies the name of the identifier used for member retrieval (e.g., "id").
identifierValueStringSpecifies the identifier's value for member retrieval (e.g., "93257").
sortOrderEnumSpecifies the sorting order for the retrieved members (e.g., "DESC" for descending order).
limitIntegerSets the maximum number of members to be retrieved (e.g., "20" for a limit of 20 members).
includeCardDetailsBooleanDetermines whether card details of owned cards should be included (true or false).
includeStatusDetailsBooleanDetermines whether customer status details should be included (true or false).
paginationDetailsBooleanSpecifies whether pagination details should be included (true or false).
fromDateDateTimeSets the starting date and time for the retrieval period (e.g., "2010-01-01 00:00:00").
toDateDateTimeSets the ending date and time for the retrieval period (e.g., "2023-01-31 23:59:59").
sortByStringSpecifies the field for sorting the retrieved members (e.g., "IS_PRIMARY" - This sorting behaviour ensures that members with the "is_primary" attribute are prioritized and presented as the initial entries in the sorted result set.).
offsetIntegerSpecifies the offset for pagination, indicating the starting point for retrieved results.

Response parameters

pagination.limitSpecifies the maximum number of records to be displayed per page (e.g., 20).
pagination.offsetSpecifies the starting position of records for the current page (e.g., 0).
pagination.sortByIndicates the field by which the results are sorted (e.g., "IS_PRIMARY").
pagination.sortOrderSpecifies the sorting order, either in ascending ("ASC") or descending ("DESC") order.
pagination.totalRepresents the total count of available records (e.g., 5).
dataContains an array of member objects, each with detailed information about a member's attributes and associated data.
data.fleetUserIdUnique identifier for the fleet user.
data.firstNameFirst name of the member.
data.lastNameLast name of the member.
data.joinedOnDate when the member joined.
data.permissionsPermissions assigned to the member.
data.pointsContributedThe number of points contributed by the member.
data.mobileMobile number of the member.
data.roleRole of the member.
data.roleCodeRole code associated with the member's role.
data.identifiersArray containing identifier objects with type and value attributes.
data.cardsArray of card objects owned by the member.
data.inActiveIndicates whether the member is inactive (true/false).
data.primaryMemberIndicates whether the member is a primary member (true/false). identifier for the card. when the card was issued. of card expiry. number associated with the card. name of the card.
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