Update Lead

Updates extended fields for an existing lead


To enable a specific language support for an org, contact the Platforms team to get the translations added to the database and activate translations for the org.

Path parameter

leadIDUnique ID of the lead.

Query parameter

extendedFieldsKey-value pairs of extended fields and its values
ownerUsername of the owner or associate of the lead. Use this to assign leads to an associate.

Response parameter

idUnique identifier for the lead.
userIdUser ID associated with the lead.
typeType of the lead.
leadForDescription of what the lead is for.
statusCurrent status of the lead.
nextFollowUpScheduled date and time for the next follow-up.
createdOnDate and time when the lead was created.
createdByUser ID of the person who created the lead.
lastUpdatedOnDate and time when the lead was last updated.
lastUpdatedByUser ID of the person who last updated the lead.
followUpDetailsDetails of the follow-up activities.
statusLogDetailsDetails of the status log activities.
orgSourceIdOrganization source ID.
extendedFieldsAdditional extended fields related to the lead.
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