Upload Redeemed Coupons

Lets you upload coupons that are redeemed for a coupon series in bulk.

You can also import coupons (Capillary CRM) that are redeemed externally using an endpoint.

Request Body Parameters

customerIdentifier*enumUnique identifier of the customer to update redeemed coupons. Values: MOBILE, EXTERNAL_ID, EMAIL, USER_ID.
couponIdentifier*enumCoupon identifier used. Value: COUPON_ID, COUPON_CODE.
file*fileThe CSV file that contains information of redeemed coupons. Each row in CSV file can contain following fields(columns marked with * are mandatory).

- Customer identifier* : Field used to identify the customer, it can be userId, mobile, email or externalId. (userId will have more preference over the other customer identifiers, in case of multiple values)
- Coupon identifier* : Field used to identify the redeemed coupon, It can be couponId, couponCode. (couponId has more preference over couponCode in case of multiple values)
- Redeemed date in milliseconds* : Coupon redeemed time in Epoch
- Redeemed at* : Coupon redeemed till’s Id
- Bill Id : Transaction Id
- Bill Number : Transaction Number Details.

Sample file content:
- File content sample 1:
       redeemed date in millis, redeemed at, user id, coupon id, bill id, bill number, details
- File content sample 2:
       redeemed date in millis, redeemed at, mobile, coupon code ,bill id, bill number, details
uploadHeaders*intThe sequence (starts from 0) of the columns in the attached csv file. This field accepts stringified JSON.
Key name for columns are as follows:

Key name for the columns are as follows
- Customer identifier* : Key name for this field varies according to the customerIdentifier param.
       MOBILE : mobile
       EXTERNAL_ID: externalId
       EMAIL: email
       USER_ID: userId
- Coupon identifier* : Key name for this field varies according to the couponIdentifier param.
       COUPON_ID: couponId
       COUPON_CODE: couponCode
- Redeemed date in milliseconds* : redeemedDateInMillis
- Redeemed at* : redeemedAt
- Bill Id : billId
- Bill Number : billNumber
- Details : details

For the above file samples, the uploadHeaders will be -
       Sample 1 - {'redeemedDateInMillis': 0, 'redeemedAt': 1, 'billNumber': 5, 'couponId': 3,
       'userId': 2, 'billId': 4, 'details': 6}
       Sample 2 - {'redeemedDateInMillis': 0, 'redeemedAt': 1, 'billNumber': 5, 'couponCode': 3,
       mobile: 2, 'billId': 4, 'details': 6}
DetailsstringAny additional details or notes to capture for redeemed coupon upload.
All parameters marked with * are mandatory.
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