Get Customer Ledger Balance

Retrieves category-wise points’ ledger balance details of a customer for a given time.

Query parameters

identifierNameIdentifier type to identify the customer.
identifierValueValue of the specified identifier type of the customer.
sourceSource in which the identifier is available.
accountIdFor sources with multiple accounts, pass the specific accountId in which the identifier is registered.
tillIdPass the unique till ID of the org.
limitNumber of results to retrieve. Max value supported is also 10.
offsetNumber of pages to be ignored from the top (page number).
endDateGet the closing balance of a specific date. Pass the end date in YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss format.
includeTillConceptEventsFetches the deduction entries that were triggered at the tills mapped to the Concept of the Program ID even if the deductions are from a different program.
ledgerEntryTypeSpecify the type of ledger entries you want to fetch. By default, it fetches all the ledger entry types.
pointCategoryTypeSpecify the point category type for which you want to fetch ledger details. By default, it fetches all the points category details.
alternateCurrencyNamesFilter alternate currencies for the customer based on the name. You can also pass a list of comma-separated alternate currency names. Set the parameter includeAlternateCurrencies to false when you use this. If the value is true, includeAlternateCurrencies lists all the available currencies.
includeAlternateCurrenciesPass includeAlternateCurrencies=true to retrieve all alternate currencies available with the customer.

Response parameter

customerDetails.userIdThe unique identifier for the user.
customerDetails.externalIdExternal reference ID for the customer.
customerDetails.entityTypeThe type of entity.
ledgerDetails.pageNumberCurrent page number in the paginated response.
ledgerDetails.pageSizeNumber of entries per page.
ledgerDetails.totalEntriesTotal number of entries across all pages.
ledgerDetails.pageCountTotal number of pages in the paginated response.
ledgerDetails.ledgerClosingBalanceAn array of ledger closing balances.
ledgerClosingBalance.pointsCategoryCategory of the points.
ledgerClosingBalance.programNameName of the loyalty program.
ledgerClosingBalance.programIdUnique identifier for the loyalty program.
ledgerClosingBalance.closingBalanceClosing balance of points for the specified program and category. If alternate currency parameters are passed in the query parameter, it retrives Alternate currency name and category details
warningsList of warnings, if any.
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