Assign Lead

Lets you change the owner of an existing lead.

Request URL


Request Query Parameters

userIdlongGet leads of a specific customer. Pass the user ID of the customer.
statusenumGet leads of a specific status. Values: OPEN, ON_HOLD, WON, LOST, DELETED.
substatusstringGet leads by lead sub-status.
ownerstringFetch leads assigned to a specific associate. Pass the associate/staff ID (user id of the staff).
limitintLimit the number of results to retrieve.
offsetlongNumber of rows (as per the data entered into the table) that you want omit from showing.
entityTypeenumGet leads of a specific entity. You also need to pass the entityCode accordingly. Pass entityType and e Values: ZONE, CONCEPT, STORE, TILL, STR_SERVER, ADMIN_USER, ASSOCIATE, STAFF.
entityCodestringPass the code of the respective entityType. For example, if entityType is STORE, then entityCode should be store code by which you want to get leads.

Additional Header

languageSpecify the ISO code of a language to get extended field values in your preferred language. For example, zh for Chinese, id for Indonesian, ar for Arabic. English is the default language.

Response parameters

idintegerUnique identifier for the lead.
userIdintegerThe user's unique identifier.
typestringThe type of the lead.
leadForstringThe product for which the lead is created.
statusstringThe status of the lead (e.g., ON_HOLD, OPEN).
nextFollowUptimestampThe timestamp for the next follow up.
createdOntimestampThe timestamp when the lead was created.
createdByintegerThe user's unique identifier who created the lead.
lastUpdatedOntimestampThe timestamp when the lead was last updated.
lastUpdatedByintegerThe user's unique identifier who last updated the lead.
followUpDetailsobjectDetails of follow-up activities for the lead.
statusLogDetailsobjectLog of status updates for the lead.
orgSourceIdintegerOrganization's source ID.
extendedFieldsobjectAdditional, customizable fields.
followUpDetails.idintegerUnique identifier for the follow-up activity.
followUpDetails.userIdintegerThe user's unique identifier for follow-up activities.
followUpDetails.leadIdintegerThe lead's unique identifier related to follow-up activities.
followUpDetails.notesstringNotes related to follow-up activities.
followUpDetails.createdByintegerThe user's unique identifier who created the follow-up activity.
followUpDetails.createdOntimestampThe timestamp when the follow-up activity was created.
followUpDetails.followedUpByintegerThe user's unique identifier who followed up the activity.
followUpDetails.followedUpOntimestampThe timestamp when the follow-up activity was followed up.
followUpDetails.scheduledFollowUptimestampThe timestamp when the follow-up activity was scheduled.
statusLogDetails.idintegerUnique identifier for the status log.
statusLogDetails.userIdintegerThe user's unique identifier for the status log.
statusLogDetails.leadIdintegerThe lead's unique identifier related to the status log.
statusLogDetails.statusstringStatus related to the status log (e.g., OPEN, ON_HOLD).
statusLogDetails.createdByintegerThe user's unique identifier who created the status log.
statusLogDetails.createdOntimestampThe timestamp when the status log was created.
statusLogDetails.reasonIdintegerUnique identifier for the reason in the status log.
statusLogDetails.reasonstringReason for the status update.
extendedFields.trial_statusstringCustom field for trial status.
warningsarrayArray of warning messages, if any.
errorsarrayArray of error messages, if any.
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