Get coupon series details

This API helps to retrieve the details of one or more coupon series.


  • Authentication: Basic or OAuth authentication
  • Access group resource: Read access to coupon group resource

Resource information

HTTP methodGET
Rate limitNA
Batch supportYes

API endpoint example

Query parameter

ParameterData typeDescription
idsIntegerUnique offer IDs that you want to fetch.

Response parameter

entityObjectThe object containing the details of the entity
customPropertyMapObjectThe object containing a collection of keys that represent unique property names and each value represents the corresponding property's value.
standard_terms_and_conditionsStringCustom field in the coupon series that provides information about the terms and conditions.
idIntegerUnique identifier of the coupon series.
orgIdIntegerOrganization ID associated with the coupon series.
descriptionStringDescription of the coupon series.
discountCodeStringCode indicating the discount provided by the coupon
validTillDateStringValidity of the card series in UTC timestamp. Format: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS+/-(time-zone).
validDaysFromCreationIntegerNumber of days the coupon is valid from creation
expiryStrategyValueIntegerSpecifies the duration a coupon remains valid based on the expiryStrategyType.

For expiryStrategyType: "SERIES_EXPIRY", expiryStrategyValue is always 1, which defines the coupon expires based on the rules defined for its series.

For expiryStrategyType: "DAYS", and expiryStrategyValue: "5", specifies that coupon will be valid till 5 days of issuance

For expiryStrategyType: "MONTHS_END", and expiryStrategyValue: "10" specifies that the coupon will be valid for 10 months of issuance.
maxCreateIntegerMaximum number of coupons that can be created.
maxRedeemIntegerMaximum number of offers that can be redeemed.
isTransferrableBooleanIndicates if the coupon is transferable
anyUserBooleanIndicates if any user can use the offer.
sameUserMultipleRedeemBooleanIndicates if the same user can redeem multiple times.
isReferralExistingUsersAllowedBooleanIndicates if the referral is allowed for existing users..
isMultipleUseAllowedBooleanIndicates if multiple uses of the offer are allowed.
isValidationRequiredBooleanIndicates if validation is required for the coupon
isValidWithDiscountedItemBooleanIndicates if the offer is valid with discounted items.
createdByIntegerID of the user who created the coupon series
numIssuedIntegerNumber of coupons issued from this series
numRedeemedIntegerNumber of coupons redeemed from this series
createdOnStringDate and time when the offer was created.
lastUsedStringDate and time when the offer was last used.
seriesCodeStringCode for the coupon series.
smsTemplateStringTemplate for the SMS that is sent to users.
isSMSDisabledBooleanIndicates if SMS notifications are disabled
infoStringAdditional information about the coupon
isMultipleVouchersPerUserAllowedBooleanIndicates if multiple vouchers per user are allowed
doNotResendExistingVoucherBooleanIndicates if existing vouchers should not be resent
mutualExclusiveSeriesIdsStringAllows you to specify a list of offer IDs that are mutually exclusive to the current offer. If a customer already has a coupon from any of the offer IDs in this list, they will not be eligible to receive a coupon from the current series
isDvsEnabledBooleanIndicates if DVS (Dynamic Voucher System) is enabled
dvsExpiryDateStringExpiry date for DVS.
priorityIntegerPriority level of the offer.
shortSMSTemplateStringShort template for the SMS to be sent to users
maxVouchersPerUserIntegerMaximum number of vouchers allowed per user
minDaysBetweenVouchersIntegerMinimum number of days required between issuing vouchers to the same user
maxReferralsPerRefereeIntegerMaximum number of referrals allowed per referee
discountUptoIntegerMaximum discount value.
discountValueIntegerDiscount value of the coupon
dvsItemsStringItems for DVS(dynamic voucher system).
redemptionRangeStringRedemption range in JSON format specifying days of the month, days of the week, and hours on which the customer can redeem the coupon.
minBillAmountIntegerMinimum bill amount for offer redemption.
maxBillAmountIntegerMaximum bill amount for offer redemption.
redeemAtStoreStringStores IDs where redemption is allowed.
campaignIdIntegerIdentifier of the campaign associated with the coupon
tagStringTag or label for the coupon
maxRedemptionsInSeriesPerUserIntegerMaximum number of redemptions allowed per user in the series
minDaysBetweenRedemptionIntegerMinimum number of days required between redemptions
redemptionValidFromStringStart date and time from which the coupon can be redeemed
sourceOrgIdIntegerIdentifier of the source organization
issueToLoyaltyBooleanIndicates if the coupon is issued to loyalty members
redeemStoreTypeStringType of store where the coupon can be redeemed
offlineRedeemTypeBooleanIndicates if offline redemption is enabled
isOldFlowEnabledBooleanIndicates if the old redemption flow is enabled
isPreRedeemEventRequiredBooleanIndicates if a pre-redeem event is required
termsAndConditionsStringTerms and conditions for the offer.
signalRedemptionEventBooleanIndicates if a redemption event signal is required
syncToClientBooleanIndicates if the coupon data should be synchronized to the client
showPinCodeBooleanIndicates if a PIN code should be displayed
numUploadedNonIssuedIntegerNumber of non-issued coupons uploaded
numUploadedTotalIntegerTotal number of coupons uploaded
redemptionValidAfterDaysIntegerNumber of days after which the coupon becomes valid
ownedByStringOwnership details for the offer.
ownerIdIntegerIdentifier of the owner of the coupon
alphaNumericBooleanIndicates if the coupon code is alphanumeric
shortCodeLengthIntegerLength of the short code generated for the coupon
randomCodeLengthIntegerLength of the random code generated for the coupon
fixedExpiryDateIntegerFixed expiry date of the coupon (in epoch milliseconds)
numTotalIntegerTotal number of coupons issued
latestIssualTimeIntegerLatest issuance time of the coupon (in epoch milliseconds)
latestRedemptionTimeIntegerLatest redemption time of the coupon (in epoch milliseconds)
resendMessageEnabledBooleanIndicates if resending messages is enabled
seriesTypeStringType of coupon series
clientHandlingTypeStringMethod using which the coupons should be generated.
expiryStrategyTypeEnumDefines the method for coupon expiry.
discountOnStringType of discount
discountTypeEnumSpecifies the type of discount provided by the coupon
externalIssualBooleanIndicating if external issuance is allowed.
updateProductDataBooleanIndicating if the product data can be updated.
WarninigsArrayList of warnings related to the coupon
    "entity": [
            "customPropertyMap": {
                "standard_terms_and_conditions": "terms and condtion"
            "id": 520591,
            "orgId": 100458,
            "description": "Onam 10% OFF",
            "discountCode": "Xjj123",
            "validTillDate": "2026-05-09T00:00:00Z",
            "validDaysFromCreation": 30,
            "expiryStrategyValue": 1,
            "maxCreate": -1,
            "maxRedeem": -1,
            "isTransferrable": false,
            "anyUser": true,
            "sameUserMultipleRedeem": false,
            "isReferralExistingUsersAllowed": false,
            "isMultipleUseAllowed": true,
            "isValidationRequired": false,
            "isValidWithDiscountedItem": true,
            "createdBy": 75121821,
            "numIssued": 3,
            "numRedeemed": 0,
            "createdOn": "2024-05-02T06:02:28Z",
            "lastUsed": "2024-05-02T06:02:28Z",
            "seriesCode": "3A8078C2BAB94235A46D",
            "smsTemplate": "Hi  {{first_name}} {{last_name}} your voucher code {{voucher}}is valid {{valid_days_from_create}}. {{fullname}} {{offer_name}}",
            "isSMSDisabled": false,
            "info": "Evil coupon",
            "isMultipleVouchersPerUserAllowed": true,
            "doNotResendExistingVoucher": true,
            "mutualExclusiveSeriesIds": "[-1]",
            "storeIdsJson": "[-1]",
            "isDvsEnabled": false,
            "dvsExpiryDate": "2024-05-02T00:00:00Z",
            "priority": 0,
            "shortSMSTemplate": "Hello {{cust_name}}, your voucher code is {{voucher_code}}",
            "maxVouchersPerUser": 11,
            "minDaysBetweenVouchers": 23,
            "maxReferralsPerReferee": -1,
            "discountUpto": 0,
            "discountValue": 500,
            "dvsItems": "items",
            "redemptionRange": "{\"dom\" : [1], \"dow\": [1], \"hours\": [1]}",
            "minBillAmount": 100,
            "maxBillAmount": 20000,
            "redeemAtStore": "[-1]",
            "campaignId": -1,
            "tag": "Onam 10% OFF",
            "maxRedemptionsInSeriesPerUser": 122,
            "minDaysBetweenRedemption": 962,
            "redemptionValidFrom": "2024-05-01T00:00:00Z",
            "sourceOrgId": -1,
            "issueToLoyalty": false,
            "redeemStoreType": "redeemable_stores",
            "offlineRedeemType": false,
            "isOldFlowEnabled": false,
            "isPreRedeemEventRequired": false,
            "termsAndConditions": "T&C",
            "signalRedemptionEvent": false,
            "syncToClient": false,
            "showPinCode": false,
            "targetUserDetails": {
                "validMaxUserTransactionLimit": 1,
                "validUserRegistrationStartTime": 0,
                "validUserRegistrationEndTime": 10000
            "numUploadedNonIssued": 0,
            "numUploadedTotal": 0,
            "redemptionValidAfterDays": 22,
            "ownedBy": "NONE",
            "ownerId": -1,
            "ownerValidity": 0,
            "alphaNumeric": true,
            "shortCodeLength": 0,
            "randomCodeLength": 10,
            "fixedExpiryDate": 1778284800000,
            "numTotal": -1,
            "latestIssualTime": 1717664404000,
            "latestRedemptionTime": 0,
            "resendMessageEnabled": true,
            "seriesType": "UNDEFINED",
            "clientHandlingType": "DISC_CODE",
            "expiryStrategyType": "SERIES_EXPIRY",
            "discountOn": "BILL",
            "discountType": "ABS",
            "externalIssual": false,
            "updateProductData": false
    "warnings": []
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