A Staff is an org employee who deals with selling items to end-users. This concept is introduced mainly for B2B marketing. This resource contains APIs related to managing staff accounts. The staff user will have the properties of both Admin and TILL user.

Status Codes

8099No identifier passed in the param
8098Invalid Till
8097SMS service not working
8096Invalid Till code
8095Invalid source passed
8094No identifier value passed in the param
8093Walkin failed from store network

Error Codes

401Invalid authentication. Please check your username, password or authentication token
1001Password not set
1005The identifier already exits
1007Username or identifier (email/mobile) is not set
1009Invalid identifier details passed
1010Invalid OTP type passed
1011Inactive user passed
1012Unable to send OTP to the new identifier
1215Invalid ParentZoneId/External Id/ParentConceptId specified. The the specific id will be set to the default values
1700Invalid OTP or OTP expired