Company is an entry in the fleet hierarchy. An org can have child and parent companies. This entity contains APIs to manage companies of the org.

Status Codes

Error Codes

400Invalid input : {x}.
1600Fleet code {x} exists.
1601Fleet minimum number of roles {x} not met.
1602Fleet maximum number of roles {x} exceeded.
1603Fleet role code cannot be empty or null.
1604Fleet max child per role cannot be negative.
1605Max limit of {0} on total number of child per role exceeded for {1}.Contact support team to increase the limit.
1606Duplicate fleet role codes passed in the payload.
1607Invalid child role code passed {x}.
1608Cyclic hierarchy is not supported.
1609Fleet hierarchy ID/code {x} is invalid.
1610Fleet hierarchy is not active.
1611Fleet max child not passed for the role {x}.
1612Fleet child role code not passed for the role {x}.
1613Fleet hierarchy code cannot be null or empty.
1614Any one role needs to be marked as aggregation level for auto group creation to be enabled.
1615Role Code {x} is invalid.
1616Fleet hierarchy code invalid {x}.
1617Fleet role code for the child customers doesn't qualify the hierarchy.
1618Total number of child for the role {0} can not exceed {1}.
1619Group ID {x} invalid.
1620User {0} does not belong to group {1}.
1621User with {x} does not exist.
1622Users do not belong to the same company.
1623User {0} already present in group {1}.
1624Group transfer not allowed for primary member {0}.
1625Fleet parent customer {x} not mapped in the hierarchy.
1626Customer is already mapped to a different hierarchy.
1627Customer fleet user role can't be changed.
1628Customer fleet company can't be changed.
1629Fleet role permission code cannot be null or empty.
1630Fleet role permission code not exist.
1631Fleet role permission code {x} duplicated.
1632Fleet group ID/externalID/primary userID {x} passed is not valid.
1633Fleet group external ID {x} already exists.
1634Fleet group externalId can't be null.
1635Fleet group query param is not passed.
1636Customer is already a member of the group.
1637Primary member exists for the group.
1638Total members in the group reached maximum group capacity {x}.
1639Fleet group max size cannot exceed product limit {x}.
1640Fleet group max size field should be a positive value.
1641Invalid permission code {x} passed.
1642Fleet user is primary member in a different group.
1643Nothing to update in the fleet group.
1644Fleet group details not passed.
1645Fleet group details passed are not valid.
1646Fleet group transfer entity type invalid.
1647Get trackers entity type not set/invalid. Supported types include FLEET,CUSTOMER.
Default Fleet group not set for the user.
1648Multiple child customers cannot be marked as default for the same parent customer.
1649Only one role should be marked as points aggregation role.
1650Role can not be both pointsAggregationRole and nonAutomatedPointsAggregationRole.
1651Points transfer from a group can not be done by a user who is not part of the group.
1701Fleet hierarchy code {x} does not exist.
1702Company externalID {x} already exists.
1703Parent company externalID {0} does not exist.
1704Company does not exist with given ID/externalID {x}.
1705Fleet company is inactive.
1706Fleet company cannot be activated.
1707Fleet {x} externalID cannot be null or empty.
1708Fleet company identifiers ID/externalID should pass.
1709Fleet company cannot be parent company itself.
1710Cyclic parenting not supported.
1711Fleet hierarchy update is not allowed.