Refer Customer

This API allows you to send the referral code of a specific campaign to a customer (auto generated referral code).
Naming Conventions

It is important to understand the following terminologies that you may come across while using the customer/APIs.

  • referral_code: Unique code generated for the referrer for a specific campaign. Each referral campaign generate a unique code for each customer.
  • invitee: A person who was invited by the referrer. The list will have the list of both successful and failed referees
  • referees: Customers from the invitee list who turned up to the stores and made either transactions or registrations
  • incentives: Rewards received by the referral for successful referees of the campaign. Currently, only coupons are issued as incentives
  • scope: The channel through which the referral was made. Currently, the referrals are supported only through email and mobile number. Scopes are used as name-value pairs, the value could be referees, invitees, or incentives as per the context.

Request Body Parameters

Customer identifier*enumPass any of the customer identifiers who needs to refer. Value: mobile, email, external_id, id.
campaign_token*stringUnique token of the referral campaign.
type*enumMode of communication of the referral. Values: SMS, EMAIL
idintSequence id of the referee.
namestringName of the referee.
identifierstringIdentifier of the referee according to the type set. For example, if type:"EMAIL", identifier will be the email ID.
invited_ondate-timeDate and time of the invite.
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