Perform search

You can use this API and search for a transaction data.


Make sure that you have appropriate access control configured. For more information, see access group documentation.

API endpoint


Body parameters

searchConditionarrayAn array containing the search conditions.
searchCondition.fieldIdstringThe ID of the standard, extended, or custom field that you want to search. (e.g., "destination" or "origin").
searchCondition.operatorstringThe operator to be used for the condition. Only EQUALS is supported now.
searchCondition.valuesarrayAn array containing the values for the condition. Eg, from a specific origin to a destination.
searchCondition.valuesstringThe specific value for the condition (e.g., "AUH" or "DAC").

Response parameters

dataAn object containing the data related to the organization and entity details.
data.orgIdThe ID of the organization (e.g., 2064).
data.entityTypeThe type of entity (e.g., "TRANSACTION").
data.entityDetailsAn array containing the details of the entities.
data.entityDetails.entityReferenceThe reference or category of the entity (e.g., "NOT_INTERESTED").
data.entityDetails.entityIdThe ID of the entity (e.g., "80981216").
errorsAn array containing any error messages.
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