A lead is an individual interested in buying a product. Leads can be created for both loyalty and non-loyalty customers. This resource provides you the APIs to create, manage and fetch leads.

Following are the predefined enum values for type and status respectively.

  • Enums for type : SKU, CATEGORY, BRAND, CUSTOM (for custom types)
  • Enums for status : OPEN, WON, LOST, ON_HOLD, DELETED

Status Codes

Error Codes

92001Lead not found
92002Duplicate Lead Status
92003Invalid Lead Status {0}
92004Lead Reason not found with id {0}
92005followedUpOn cannot be null
92006leadFor cannot be null
92007userId cannot be null
92008No user found with the given userId {0}
92009Invalid Lead Type
92010LeadId cannot be null
92011Customer Registration failed
92012User Details cannot be empty
92013Org Source cannot be null
92014Invalid org source
92015Invalid Id Type
92016Invalid SKU {0}
92017Invalid Brand {0}
92018Invalid Category {0}
92019Invalid lead owner {0}
92020Invalid lead sub status {0}
92021Lead sub status {0} already exists for status {1}
92022Lead status cannot be empty
92023Lead sub status cannot be empty
92024Status change not allowed on closed leads
92025Customer is not registered. Auto-registration is off