Remove group member

Removes a group member.


Pass at lease one among the query parameters. - id, externalId, primaryUserId.


Make sure that you have appropriate access control configured. For more information, see access group documentation.

API endpoint


Path parameters

Path ParameterDescription
groupIdThe ID of the group.

Query parameters

Query parametersDescription
sourceSource in which the customer identifier is registered.
accountIdUnique account ID for sources with multiple accounts. Not applicable for the INSTORE source.
identifierNameIdentifier type used to identify the customer.
identifierValueValue of the identifierName passed. For example, identifierName=cardExternalId&identifierValue=cardUUID123

Response parameters

warningsThis is an array containing any warning messages generated during the processing of the request.
errorsThis is an array containing any error messages that were generated if the request failed for some reason.
successThis is a boolean value indicating whether the request was successful.
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