Get Transaction Details

This API allows you to fetch the details of a specific transaction based on the transaction id.


Either transaction number or id is mandatory.

Request Query Parameters

idlongUnique id of the transaction to fetch.
numberstringUnique transaction number that want to fetch.
store_codestringFetch the transactions of a specific store. Pass the store code.
till_codestringFetch the transactions of a specific TILL. Pass the respective TILL code.
amountdoubleFilter transactions of a specific amount.
datedate-timeFilter transactions of a specific date. Pass the date in YYYY-MM-DD format.
typeEnumFilter transactions of a specific type. Values: REGULAR, NOT_INTERESTED, RETURN, NOT_INTERESTED_RETURN, MIXED, NI_MIXED, ALL (to retrieve any transaction type, for mixed or NI mixed, it retrieves both transaction and return details). By default it shows the details of regular transaction.
tendersbooleanPass true to retrieve transaction details.
credit_notesbooleanPass true to retrieve credit notes.
user_idbooleanPass true to retrieve unique ID of the customer in response.


If you attempt to retrieve data of any deleted customer after a successful PII deletion, you will receive the following response:

"message": "Customer is deleted after PII delete request"

Response parameters


The description in the line item is not the inventory level description but the description that you added while adding the transaction.

responseThe response object containing status and transaction details.
statusThe status of the response, including success, code, and message.
successIndicates whether the transaction was successful (true or false).
codeThe status code of the response.
messageA message indicating the status of the transaction retrieval process.
transactionsDetails about the retrieved transactions, including count and transaction array.
countThe total number of transactions retrieved.
transactionAn array containing transaction objects. Each object represents a specific transaction.
customerInformation about the customer associated with the transaction, including mobile, firstname, lastname, email, external_id, and source.
billing_tillDetails about the billing till, including code and name.
billing_storeDetails about the billing store, including code and name.
idThe unique identifier for the transaction.
numberThe transaction number or identifier.
typeThe type of transaction (e.g., REGULAR).
outlier_statusThe outlier status of the transaction (e.g., NORMAL).
storeThe store associated with the transaction.
delivery_statusThe delivery status of the transaction (e.g., DELIVERED).
amountThe transaction amount.
billing_timeThe date and time of billing for the transaction.
auto_update_timeThe date and time of the last update for the transaction.
gross_amountThe gross amount of the transaction.
discountThe discount applied to the transaction.
notesAdditional notes or comments about the transaction.
line_itemsDetails about the line items in the transaction, including type, outlier_status, serial, item_code, description, qty, rate, value, discount, img_url, amount, returnable, returnable_days, and extended_fields.
typeThe type of line item (e.g., REGULAR).
outlier_statusThe outlier status of the line item (e.g., NORMAL).
serialThe serial number of the line item.
item_codeThe code associated with the item.
descriptionA description of the item.
qtyThe quantity of the item.
rateThe rate of the item.
valueThe value of the item.
discountThe discount applied to the item.
img_urlThe URL of the item's image.
returnableIndicates whether the item is returnable (true or false).
returnable_daysThe number of days within which the item is returnable.
extended_fieldsAdditional extended fields associated with the line item.
combo_itemsDetails about combo items associated with the line item.
addon_itemsDetails about addon items associated with the line item.
split_itemsDetails about split items associated with the line item.
attributesAdditional attributes associated with the line item.
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