Update redeem points

This API allows you to update points redemption. The fields that can be updated are:

  • bill_id
  • bill_number
  • purpose



For detailed information about our APIs and for hands-on testing, refer documentation in API overview and step-by-step guide on making your first API call in Make your first API call .

API specifications

Authentication supportedBasic
PaginationNot supported
Batch supportNot supported
Access GroupYes

API endpoint example


Request body parameters

ParameterDescriptionData Type
redemptionId*A unique identifier for the redemption process.String
externalReferenceNumber*Unique reference number associated with the bill.String
billIdA numerical identifier for the bill.Integer
billNumberA string identifier for the bill.String
purposeThe purpose or reason for the transaction.String
entityAn object containing details about the entity.Object
entity.typeThe type of entity involved in the transaction.Enum
entity.identifierTypeThe type of identifier used for the entity.Enum
entity.identifierValueThe value of the identifier for the entity.String

Note: It is mandatory to pass either redemptionId or externalReferenceNumber.

   "redemptionId": "sTDVyi",

Response parameters

ParameterDescriptionData Type
idA unique identifier for the transaction.Integer
programIdIdentifier for the associated program.Integer
pointsRedeemedThe number of points redeemed in the transaction.Float
billIdA numerical identifier for the bill.Integer
billNumberA string identifier for the bill.String
validationCodeA code used for validating the transaction.String
notesAdditional notes or comments about the transaction.String
redemptionTimeTimestamp of when the redemption occurred.Long (Epoch time)
pointsRedemptionTimeTimestamp of when the points were redeemed.Long (Epoch time)
tillIdIdentifier for the till where the transaction occurred.Integer
tillNameName of the till where the transaction occurred.String
pointDeductionListList of point deductions involved in the transaction.Array
redemptionIdA unique identifier for the redemption process.String
customerIdIdentifier for the customer involved in the transaction.Integer
redemptionPurposeThe purpose or reason for the redemption.String
redemptionDateThe date and time of redemption in ISO 8601 format.String (Date-Time)
warningsList of any warnings related to the transaction.Array
    "id": 24135289,
    "programId": 772,
    "pointsRedeemed": 10.0,
    "billId": 235,
    "billNumber": "idk",
    "validationCode": "",
    "notes": "Sample notes",
    "redemptionTime": 1694608810000,
    "pointsRedemptionTime": 1694594410000,
    "tillId": 75086856,
    "tillName": "",
    "pointDeductionList": [],
    "redemptionId": "sTDVyi",
    "customerId": 109943742,
    "redemptionPurpose": "why",
    "redemptionDate": "2023-09-13T12:40:10Z",
    "warnings": []

API-specific error codes

Error codeDescription
748No metadata update requested.
749Exactly one redemption identifier needed to identify redemption.
750Redemption update failed : {0}.
1219Entity details not set/invalid.
1212Entity type passed is not valid.
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