Update rewards group

This API allows you to update a group for the rewards.



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If you update the group name,all the rewards linked to the group will be removed as the reward is linked based on the group name.


  • Authentication: Basic or OAuth authentication
  • Default access group

Resource information

HTTP methodPUT
Rate limitNA
Batch supportNA

API endpoint example


Request body parameters

Parameter NameData TypeDescription
name*StringThe name of the group.
rankIntegerThe rank associated with the group.
isActiveBooleanSet the isActive parameter to false to disable the group. Default: True

Request path parameters

Parameter NameData TypeDescription
id*IntegerUnique identifier of the group.
    "name":"Group RankASDF",

Response parameters

Parameter NameData TypeDescription
idIntegerThe unique identifier of the group.
orgIdIntegerThe organization identifier the group belongs to.
nameStringThe name of the group.
rankIntegerThe numerical rank associated with the group.
isActiveBooleanIndicates if the group is active.
createdByIntegerThe identifier of the user who created the group.
createdOnLongThe timestamp when the group was created.
lastUpdatedByIntegerThe identifier of the user who last updated the group.
lastUpdatedOnLongThe timestamp when the group was last updated.
    "id": 45,
    "orgId": 51544,
    "name": "Group RankASDF",
    "rank": 2,
    "isActive": true,
    "createdBy": 50684454,
    "createdOn": 1708509493000,
    "lastUpdatedBy": 50684454,
    "lastUpdatedOn": 1708510132420

API-specifc error

Error codeDescription
400Group name must not be null
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