Retrieve Primary & Secondary Member Details

This API allows you to retrieve details of primary and secondary members in the user group.


Make sure you have the appropriate access control configured. For more information, see access group documentation.

API endpoint


Query parameters

Query ParameterDescription
externalIdExternal ID of the group.
identifierNameThe identifier of the group.
identifierValueThe value of the identifier.
sourceThe origin of the information.

Response parameters

fleetUserIdThe unique identifier for the user in the fleet.
firstNameThe first name of the user.
lastNameThe last name of the user.
joinedOnThe date on which the user joined.
permissionsThe permissions assigned to the user.
pointsContributedThe number of points contributed by the user.
typeThe type of the identifier.
valueThe value of the identifier based on its type.
emailThe email address of the user.
mobileThe mobile number of the user.
roleThe role of the user in the fleet.
identifiersAn array of different identifiers for the user.
inActiveA boolean indicating if the user is inactive.
primaryMemberA boolean indicating if the user is a primary member.
warningsAn array to indicate any warnings.
errorsAn array to indicate any errors.
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