Retrieve points conversion schedule

This API lets you retrieve points conversion schedule of a group.


Make sure that you have appropriate access control configured. For more information, see access group documentation.

API endpoint


Query parameters

Query ParameterDescription
primaryUserIdThe primary user ID for which the promised points schedule is being requested.
typeThe type of user group. This query parameter appears to be empty in the provided URL.
startDateThe start date for the date range
endDateThe end date for the date range.
getDataForAllProgramsA boolean parameter to specify if data for all programs is needed.
fetchEarliestExpiryOnlyA boolean parameter to specify if only the earliest expiry data is needed.
programIdThe ID of the program for which the promised points schedule is requested.
limitThe maximum number of records to return per page.
offsetThe starting point in the list of records.

Response parameters

entityIdID of the entity.
entityTypeType of entity.
promisedPointsScheduleListThis is an array containing objects of promised points scheduled for the user.
triggerBasedPointsListThis array contains objects of points based on specific triggers or conditions.
warningsThis is an array that contains warning messages, if any.
pointsThe number of points either awarded or deducted based on the trigger/action
programIdThe identifier for the specific program that's causing the trigger.
pointsTypeThe category or reason for these points.
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