Search user groups by name, ID, and mobile number

Retrieves the details of a specific group using the unique ID or external ID of the group.


Make sure that you have appropriate access control configured. For more information, see access group documentation.

API endpoint

To search for a group based on the group name: {host}/userGroup2/search?q={query parameter}

To search for a group based on group ID or external ID: {host}/userGroup2?id={query parameter}

This allows you to search for any group using group_id, group_name, group_external id, and primary member email id/ mobile number/ card number.

Query parameters

q*stringThe name of the group. The maximum allowed number of characters is 50.
id*integerThe group or external ID of the group.
offsetintegerThe starting index for data retrieval.
limitintegerThe maximum number of items to be retrieved.

Note :Any one among the parameters marked with * is mandatory.

Response parameters

paginationAn object that contains details about the pagination.
limitThe maximum number of records returned per page.
offsetThe starting point in the list of records.
totalThe total number of records.
dataAn array containing the data records.
groupIdThe unique identifier of the group.
groupNameThe name of the group.
groupStatusThe status of the group (e.g., ACTIVE).
groupExternalIdAn external identifier for the group.
firstNameThe first name of the primary member of the group.
lastNameThe last name of the primary member of the group.
primaryMemberIdThe unique identifier of the primary member.
emailThe email address of the primary member.
mobileThe mobile number of the primary member.
totalMembersThe total number of members in the group.
warningsAn array containing any warning messages.
errorsAn array containing any error messages.
idThe unique identifier of the group.
lifeTimePurchasesThe total amount of purchases made by the group in its lifetime.
totalActiveMembersThe total number of currently active members in the group.
totalExitedMembersThe total number of members who have left the group.
defaultGroupA boolean value indicating whether the group is a default one for the user.
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