Get Product Details

Returns the details of a specific product. You can retrieve details of multiple products at a time.

Response Parameters

item_idlongUnique ID of the product generated by the system.
skustringSKU of the product.
item_eanstringEuropean article number of the product.
pricedoublePrice of the product.
in_stockbooleanShows true if the item product is available, else shows false.
descriptionstringBrief description of the product.
long_descriptionstringDetailed description of the product as in the database.
img_urlstringURL of the product image.
attributesobjAttributes of the product in name-value pairs.
added_ondate-timeDate and time of the product addition.
sizeobjSize of the product in name:value pairs.
stylestringProduct style in name:value pairs.
brandstringBrand name (as per the database) of the product.
colorobjColor of the product (as per the database) .
categoryobjParent category name of the product (as per the database).
ou_idintegerIndicates the ID of the OU. -1 indicates that the product belongs to a master org. This is applicable only if OU support for product inventory is enabled.
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