Card enables orgs to run card based loyalty memberships with multiple card types. A customer can have multiple cards of a same or different series as intended by the org.

Card Series represents different types of cards of a brand. For example, Value Card, Premium card, Digital Card, and Physical Card. A card series stores information such as card series name, card type, card numbers, config details, and expiry details.

A card is either physical or digital and is associated with a Card Series. A card stores information such as issued date, expiry date, store or source account from which the card is issued, and current status.

Cards are specific to customers and not to source accounts. A customer can have multiple cards of the same card series. Issuing a card means linking a card to a customer. The following are the different types of cards supported.

  • Create auto-generated physical/digital cards for a series.
    • Issue cards when a customer is registered (supports org level or OU level)
  • Create manually generated physical/digital cards for a series.
  • Issue external cards (that are not created in Capillary)

Status Codes

Error Codes

701Invalid configurations set
702Maximum card numbers reached.
703Card number generation disabled
704Invalid card number length configured.
705Card number generation failed due to unexpected reason.
1060Exceeded maximum limit size of 200.
3000Invalid card series.
3001Series code empty.
3002Series already exists.
3003Series type is empty.
3004Series does not exist.
3005Card length invalid.
3006Card configuration already exists with the same prefix, suffix and card length.
3007Card generation config not passed.
3008Card series expired.
3009Card number exists.
3010Card number does not exists.
3011Card status not passed.
3012Card status same as passed.
3013Card status can only be changed to expired, deleted or suspended.
3014Status labels are empty.
3015Duplicate statuses passed.
3016{x} card status is not valid.
3017Status label invalid.
3018Card status label is not mapped to NOT_ISSUED.
3019Card expiry days should not be negative.
3020DIGITAL & PHYSICAL are the only possible card types.
3021No change in card generation configurations.
3022Card prefix passed is not a standard string.
3023Card suffix passed is not a standard string.
3024Card number total length should not be more than 150.
3025Count field invalid.
3026Card count exceeds 100000.
3027Card is not linkable.
3028Card length should not be less than 5.
3029Card number max length exceeded.
3030Card generation failed.
3031Card can not get be unlinked.
3032{x} is not alphanumeric.
Org unit passed is not valid.
3033Card expiry days not passed.
{x} status mapping is not passed.
3034Max active card per customer passed is negative.
Default label is not set for {x} status.
3035Multiple cards can not be registered/updated in a single call.
More than one label is set as default for {x} status.
3036Active cards of the customer exceeded the max configured value for this card series.
{x} label passed is repeating.
3037Multiple cards can not be linked or unlinked at once.
Org unit passed is linked to a different card series.
3038Card status can not be changed from {x} to {y}.
Registration trigger exists for a different card series.
3039No update in status label.
Active cards of the customer exceeded the max configured value for this org.
3040{x} action not supported for status {y}.
3041{x} action not mapped for label {y}
3042customer status was marked to deleted. Any further changes on this customer are not allowed.
3043Org unit trigger exists for this org.
3044Customer status is disabled.
3045Card external id exists.
3046Card external id & card number mismatch.
3047Card offset invalid.
3048Mapped Entity type {x} and Entity value {y} passed is invalid.
3049Mapped Entity Type Passed is invalid.
3050Card external id length {x} should be equal or greater than card id length {y}.
3051Unable to update/generate card external id.