Redeem single coupon

This API allows you to redeem active coupons of a loyalty customer. You can pass multiple coupons at once.

Body parameter

billAmountThe total amount of the bill.
transactionNumberThe unique number associated with the transaction.
userDetails of the customer.
user.mobileMobile number of the customer.
redemptionTimeDate and time of redemption in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS format.
redemptionRequestListList containing coupon details for redemption.
redemptionRequestList[].codeCoupon code to be redeemed.

Response parameters

redemptionA list containing details of each redemption instance.
idA unique identifier for the redemption instance.
currencyInputIndicates whether currency input is required for the redemption.
localToBaseCurrencyExchangeRateThe exchange rate used to convert from the local currency to the base currency.
warningsA list of warnings encountered during the redemption process.
appendedErrorMessageContains any error message appended during the redemption process.
codeThe coupon code used for redemption.
discountCodeThe discount code associated with the coupon.
seriesCodeThe series code of the coupon.
isAbsoluteIndicates whether the discount value is absolute.
couponValueThe value of the coupon.
redemptionStatusIndicates the status of the redemption process.
redemptionStatus.statusCodeContains the status code details of the redemption process.
statusCode.statusIndicates whether the coupon processing was successful.
statusCode.messageA message describing the status of the coupon processing.
statusCode.codeThe status code representing the result of the coupon processing.
redemptionStatus.warningsWarnings related to the redemption process.
redemptionStatus.warningsAsStatusCodeWarnings formatted as status codes.
redemptionStatus.messageA message providing additional information about the redemption status.
redemptionStatus.codeThe status code for the redemption process.
redemptionStatus.successIndicates whether the redemption was successful.
discountTypeThe type of discount applied (e.g., "ABS" for absolute value).
discountValueThe value of the discount applied.
discountUptoThe maximum value of the discount if applicable.
redemptionStatusRepresents the overall status of the redemption.
redemptionStatus.statusIndicates the overall success status of the coupon processing.
redemptionStatus.messageA message describing the overall status of the coupon processing.
redemptionStatus.codeThe status code representing the overall result of the coupon processing.
customerAn object containing details about the customer.
customer.idA unique identifier for the customer.
customer.profilesAn array of profile objects associated with the customer.
firstNameThe first name of the customer.
lastNameThe last name of the customer.
fieldsContains additional fields related to the customer's profile.
identifiersIdentifier for the customer.
identifiers.typeThe type of identifier (e.g., "mobile", "email").
identifiers.valueThe value of the identifier (e.g., the actual mobile number or email address).
customer.profiles.identifiers.typeThe type of the second identifier.
customer.profiles.identifiers.valueThe value of the second identifier.
customer.profiles.commChannelsCommunication channels preferred by the customer.
customer.profiles.userIdA unique identifier for the user's profile.
customer.profiles.accountIdThe account ID associated with the customer's profile.
customer.profiles.autoUpdateTimeThe timestamp indicating the last automatic update time for the profile.
customer.profiles.identifiersAllContains all identifiers associated with the customer.
identifiersAll.typeThe type of the first identifier in the all identifiers.
identifiersAll.valueThe value of the first identifier in the all identifiers.
identifiersAll.typeThe type of the second identifier in the all identifiers.
identifiersAll.valueThe value of the second identifier in the all identifiers.
warningsWarnings encountered during the process.
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