Retrieve Individual Task Details

Returns the information about individual tasks such as created by, assigned to, task type, created at store and current status.

Request URL

http://<cluster url>/v1.1/task/get?format=<xml/json>&<params>=<value>

Request Parameters

assocReturns tasks of all associates of the current store if assoc=true
allReturns all the tasks of the current organization if all=true. If all=false, only the current store tasks are returned. Default value: true
action_typeValue: sms, email, call, or none. Returns a particular type of task (SMS/email/call). If action_type is “none”, then the tasks other than SMS, email, or call will be returned.
assoc_idReturns the tasks assigned to a specific associate
customer_idReturns the tasks created for a specific customer
statusReturns the tasks by status. Value: OPEN, IN_PROGRESS, CLOSED
start_dateReturns the list of tasks created in a specific duration (set in start_date and end_date). If only start_date is mentioned then the list of tasks created on or after the specified date is returned.
end_dateReturns the list of tasks created in a specific duration set in start_date and end_date. If only end_date is passed then the list of tasks created on or before the specified date is returned.
batch_sizeLimits the number of tasks to be displayed. For example, if batch_size=10 then the details of only 10 tasks are returned

Response Parameters

response status successThe success status of the response.
response status codeThe HTTP status code of the response.
response status messageThe status message of the response.
tasks task typeThe type of the task. It could be associated with a customer or cashier, or be a specific customer type.
tasks task associate_idThe ID of the associate involved in the task.
tasks task customer_idThe ID of the customer associated with the task.
tasks task store_idThe ID of the store related to the task.
tasks task statusThe status of the task. It's "OPEN" for both tasks.
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