Search lead

Query parameter

typeFetch by lead type. Values: SKU, CATEGORY, BRAND, CUSTOM (for any custom types)
limitLimit the number of results to be fetched
orgSourceIdSpecify the source account id from which you want to fetch the leads. For example, -1 for INSTORE.
userIdFetch the leads of a specific user
statusFetch leads by status. Values: OPEN, WON, LOST, ON_HOLD, DELETED
substatusFetch leads with a specific sub-status
offsetFetches leads > the offset number. Offset is the position of the lead in the db record.
sortByLets you sort the list by createdon or lastUpdatedOn
sortOrderSort the results in ascending (ASC) or descending (DESC) order

Response parameter

idUnique identifier for the data item
userIdIdentifier for the user associated with the data
typeType of the lead, e.g., "SKU"
leadForThe specific item or entity the lead is for
statusCurrent status of the lead
nextFollowUpDate and time of the next follow-up
createdOnDate and time when the data item was created
createdByIdentifier of the user who created the data item
lastUpdatedOnDate and time when the data item was last updated
lastUpdatedByIdentifier of the user who last updated the data item
followUpDetailsDetails of follow-ups.
statusLogDetailsDetails of status changes.
orgSourceIdIdentifier for the source organization
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